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Lanmei Science and Technology: "China can produce first-rate blueberries"

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Core Tip: These days, 2000 kg of frozen blueberries, cultivated and processed by Zhejiang's Lanmei Science and Technology, are swiftly transported overseas to Japan.
These days, 2000 kg of frozen blueberries, cultivated and processed by Zhejiang's Lanmei Science and Technology, are swiftly transported overseas to Japan. This is the first batch that Zhejiang exports.

The counterattack of Chinese blueberries

Since the 80s, several fruits have been exported from Japan to the Chinese market where they became part of the daily diet. Now, 30 years later, China exports fruit to Japan. Cultivation techniques are one issue, but getting fresh products across the border is even more important. The Japanese market demands a rigid inspection at customs and the many standards for fresh products are an important reason why the trade is restricted. That being said, Zhejiang's Lanmei Science and Technology, recently successfully completed an export to Japan of quick-frozen blueberries. Not only is it the first batch of fruits from Zhejiang to cross the border to Japan, but the raw materials are also bred, cultivated and processed by the same company.

According to a senior source at the Lanmei company, Japan is the country with the largest blueberry consumption in the world. Therefore it has a fully developed blueberry production chain and consumption culture. Lanmei is a Chinese enterprise. The fact that it will sell blueberries to Japan is not only a display of the company's hard and soft power, but it also illustrates that the Chinese are fully capable of breeding first-rate blueberries that can endure the inspections of the Japanese market.

The spokesperson also adds that blueberries were originally a foreign product. Compared to developed countries, where a consumption culture has accumulated over a 100 years, China's blueberry culture is only taking its first baby steps. Now Lanmei is successful in selling blueberries to 'the master'. That is as remarkable as if the US would cultivate good tea leaves and sell them to China.

The best variety for cultivation in the South: Lanmei N° 1
Now, let's talk about the Lanmei N° 1, that successfully set foot on Japanese ground. The spokesperson for the Lanmei company explains that Lanmei is the only enterprise in China that has a complete chain setup for blueberry production. In the past few years, the company has been busy with aspects of breeding and cultivation. The company now has 160 varieties of blueberries. These include blueberry varieties that are developed to be suitable for the Southern climate and soil. The company also possesses a production capacity of over 30 million plants. Among all of these, Lanmei N° 1 is the most excellent, making it a model representative of the company.

Lanmei N° 1 is both fit for eating and for further processing. It is characterised by being easy to cultivate and having a strong resilience, a high production yield and a good taste. Since it came out, it has received nothing but positive evaluations from experts and the market. Lanmei N° 1 is also called 'the best blueberry variety for cultivation in the South'. Now that Lanmei N° 1 is received with favour on the Japanese market, it also proves that Lanmei has the capabilities to conduct research and thoroughly understand the market.

Advanced selection installations deliver stable quality for export

As the spokesperson for Lanmei says, we shouldn't look too much at the fact that the current export is only for 2 tons of blueberries. Japan had already made 3 years of observations before this particular trade deal. The import was done by a listed Japanese company. It has strict requirements on the ripeness, the purity and even the size of the blueberries. That is why the producing enterprise has spent more than a million RMB to purchase an imported optic selection machine. It is used to professionally select blueberries so as to deliver a high-quality product, with little variation, for export.

This export was actually just a sample, but Lanmei Science and Technology is now established as a supplier of the raw product. Hereafter, the amounts for export will increase dramatically. At present, both sides are still in negotiations about the agreement. They are planning the mutual development of blueberry jam, dried fruit and other products that are processed further.

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