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Indian mango exports booming

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-06-28  Views: 25
Core Tip: The export of mangoes is becoming a big business across India.
The export of mangoes is becoming a big business across India. The mangoes have recently drawn a lot of demand and attention from European countries. The industry is growing and estimated to be profitable, because it is expected to enter new markets. The CEO of a leading mango export firm Kay Bee Exports, Kaushal Khakhar said, “Allowing access to the four new markets Australia, China, South Korea and Iran, has led to more demand and supply in the mango export. These markets have been reported to have a huge demand for mangoes together with some European countries, and the Indian government is setting up the right channels for us to export to them.”

According to Khakhar, “I was pleased with the Australian consumer market and I am expecting it to grow more next year. Our company has shipped approximately 15 tonnes of mangoes to Australia and we are expecting to export 25-30 tonnes by the end of June 2017.”

“Currently in China, only some cities are covered due to numerous documentation requirements and limited knowledge on the part of importers. Korea on the other hand market has very strict on quality. But all boils down to creating the right partnerships with importers will help for us to penetrate these markets.”

Kaushal Khakhar also stated, “Our biggest competition comes from Latin America, but luckily our mangoes are far different in flavour and quality in comparison. Despite Latin America being close to the USA, we were able to export around 275 tonnes of mangoes to the USA last year, while this year the figures are between 350-400 tonnes. Indian mangoes only overlap with Pakistani mangoes, but the production time varies between the two countries.”

The Government of India is also putting right efforts to open up new avenues of export by designing proper protocols and policies. The rights of both exporters and importers are well taken care of, and there have been infrastructure improvements to make the shipment process smooth and sustainable.

"It’s only a matter of time that Indian mangoes take the world by storm."

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