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Germany: "Sustainability affects packaging methods”

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Core Tip: Today, packaging materials are a sensitive, even emotional topic.
Today, packaging materials are a sensitive, even emotional topic. With the growth of 'new' product segments like 'fresh-cut', sustainable packaging solutions are becoming a necessity as well. Therefore, international wholesale supplier Lorentzen & Sievers is also working hard on the creation of new packaging materials. And they are going for compostable and environmentally friendly materials, stated product manager Claudia Schuh during her lecture at the Convenience Forum in Hamburg.

Currently there is a multitude of organic packaging materials, like organic plastics (polymers), wood pulp and PLA trays (made out of lactic acid). They are, however, still too expensive to make the switch on an industrial scale. Sustainability according to Schuh not only lies in the materials used, but also in the extension of the products' shelf life, which at the moment is guaranteed by plastics, flowpacks and sealing films. ''Therefore, the desired sustainability developments in turn are affecting the packaging concepts," was the main message of Mrs. Schuh.

Paper-based packaging materials
In the fruit and vegetables segment, at the moment projects are underway where paper-based packaging is combined with organic films. Fresh-cut articles in particular all have the problem of moisture as well as a limited shelf life. Despite new possibilities, according to Schuh plastics are still inevitable at this time. Above all, plastics are generally lighter and compacter and they are transported more efficiently, which begs the question if the alternatives are indeed more environmentally sustainable.

Furthermore , paper has unavoidable disadvantages as well, as printing inks for the labels are problematic in regards to disposal. Also, on the supermarket shelf, paper product packaging is not transparent, resulting in a very limited view for the consumer. A good view is however very important, specifically with regard to fresh produce.

FSC certified

Founded in 1920, over the years the Lorentzen & Sievers GmbH became a leading packaging manufacturer within both Germany and Europe. Because of the steadily growing sector of cardboard-based packaging, last year Lorentzen & Sievers acquired the FSC standard certification.

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