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Breast milk probiotic targets Spanish mammary inflammation

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2012-04-27  Views: 225
Core Tip: Spanish supplier Biosearch Life is targeting women suffering from mastitis with its human breast milk-derived probiotic strain previously used only in infant formula products.
It has linked with Angelini Farmacéutica SA, the Spanish arm of Angelini Group, which will produce food supplements sold over-the-counter in pharmacies throughout Spain.
Mastitis is the often painful breast inflammation that accompanies breastfeeding among about 15% of women and is typically treated with antiobiotics. The problem is recognised by the Wolrd Health OIrganization as being the first-ranked reason for mothers to abandon breastfeeding.
The new product, Hereditum Lactobacillus Fermentum Lc40, will present a supplemental option to reducing the incidence of mastitis.
Biosearch Life has inked another deal with Australian firm Pure Medic for a product called Qiara that is set to debut in coming months.
Breast-milked derived L. salivarius and L. fermentum were used in a trial published in Clinical Infectious Diseases in 2010 (50(12):1551–1558) that showed mastitis benefits, with a further study planned for next year.
Evelyne Roux, marketing and communication manager at Biosearch Life, said the company had been working with various probioptic strains for 10 years to reduce the incidence of mastitis.
“It is exciting that now we are moving into the commercialisation phase with this,” she said. “We are in negotiations with firms in Europe and elsewhere and it can be launched in other markets via the Angelini Group. 
Roux said the ingredient was suitable for formulation into different formats like pills, capsules and powder sticks.
Jose Mª Roset, managing director of Biosearch Life said: "Over the years we have worked very hard on this project, so it fills us with pride to move it to the market and offer another innovative solution designed to improve our health and thus, our lives.”
“The collaboration with Angelini helps us continue to strengthen our position in the market."
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