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Happy Milk organic dairy farm ups production from 300 ltr to 4,000 ltr

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-05  Views: 3
Core Tip: Happy Milk, an organic dairy startup, which is self-funded with Rs 10 crore, is now producing 4,000 litre of milk.
Happy Milk, an organic dairy startup, which is self-funded with Rs 10 crore, is now producing 4,000 litre of milk. From this, it is marketing eight stock keeping units ( SKUs) since one year of its commencement of operations.

“From 300 litre per day, we are now at 4,000 litre. Right from home deliveries to our presence in 82+ stores across Bengaluru, we are also available on online portals like Daily Ninja, Doodhwala, BBDaily and Amazon Prime Now,” this was stated by Mehal Kejriwal, co-founder, Happy Milk, while speaking to FnB News.

“The figures speak volumes about how our journey has been so far. It also gives us a deep insight into the huge demand for organic and farm fresh milk in the market, as people are aware of the unfortunate adulteration in the dairy industry,” she added.

Currently, the company has six products in 22 SKUs in its kitty, with prices starting from Rs 33 onwards. These are Glass Bottle Milk which is pasteurised, homogenised milk available in 950 ml; Yellow Pouch Milk is non-pasteurised, homogenised milk available in half litre pouch; Red Pouch Milk is pasteurised, homogenised milk in a half litre pouch; Organic Curd set and packaged in traditional clay pots; Organic Ghee comes in 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre bottles; and Organic Paneer (Cottage Cheese) is available in 250 gm packs.

The products have zero additives and are served and stored in clay pots and high quality glass bottles. The glass bottles help the milk remain in its true taste and fresher for longer. With rising demand among consumers, the company uses the Daily Ninja App to support its subscription model. The brand also delivers it to most parts of Bangalore at 7.30 am right at one's doorstep.

The distinguishing factors are quality standards, advanced technology used to maximise the production and the unique packaging, according to her.

The brand recently introduced popular variants of milk. These are Classic, a whole milk variant. The composition is Milk fat – Min 3.5% and Milk SNF which has minimum 8.5% on average, the Milk fat is around 4.3% and Milk SNF is around 8.7% which is considered an excellent standard for cow milk and also an indicator of the freshness and quality of the milk. Another milk variant is the Low Fat Milk which is at 2% and Milk SNF is min 8.5%. Then there is the Slim Milk which is 99.5% fat-free milk.
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