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Orsini&Damiani Mangiatutto vegetable spaghetti

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Core Tip: Orsini&Damiani is currently introducing new products as part of the Mangiatutto range, created in 2012.
 Orsini&Damiani is currently introducing new products as part of the Mangiatutto range, created in 2012. 

Orsini&Damiani is a historic brand specialising in the production and commercialisation of fruit and vegetables. In addition to fennel, its main product, the company also works with cauliflower, celery, radicchio and 15 other vegetables, as well as fruit during the summer. Everything is cultivated in Italy, mainly in Marche and Abruzzo. 

Ever since it was first established in 1968, the company has always tried to increase its offer and has managed to innovate its production chain and approach to the market while respecting tradition. The company now selects, processes and commercialises produce, supplying the the largest Italian retailers.

"The latest introduction, the Mangiatutto range, is an evolved range made up of excellent produce that can be eaten raw or cooked. It's perfect for those who don't have much time but don't want to give up on quality," explains Alessandra. "Courgette, carrot and broccoli spaghetti and leek petals interpret this concept perfectly - they provide a new, fun and convenient way to enjoy high-quality vegetables."

"It's not just a question of it being practical - we use the excellence of our raw material to make these products. The Mangiatutto brand means innovation, flavour, health and environment. It's a range that's destined to grow, just keep your eyes peeled!"

"We changed the shape of our vegetables, that's it. We are focusing on new consumer habits, with vegetarianism and veganism becoming more popular. To develop our new products, we first had to design a new machine and then had to establish the quality standards to reach. Our philosophy is to always give the best that nature has to offer."

Organisation, commitment and leadership made sure Orsini&Damiani did not betray the company philosophy and enabled it to remain a protagonist on the market. In 2000, the company also launched an organic range, commercialised under the Gaia brand.  

Another important aspect, which is rare in the fruit and vegetable sector, is the feminine touch, brought by sisters Alessandra and Laura Damiani, who have been running the company under the watchful eye of their father Filippo. "We treasure the advice given by those who preceded us, then we put our own stamp on things to establish new objectives. The company currently employs around 70 people, most of whom are women." 

Their passion and energetic approach enabled them to turn the knowledge and specific characteristics of the company into new opportunities.
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