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Hungary: Nearly 8,500 tonnes of apples sold this year by Tesco

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-11-27  Views: 53
Core Tip: Tesco expects to sell nearly 8,500 tonnes of 14 apple varieties this year.
Tesco expects to sell nearly 8,500 tonnes of 14 apple varieties this year. Almost 90 percent of the apples available in the stores are purchased from Hungarian producers in the counties of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Zala.

Tesco's customers can choose from ten types of red and four types of green apples in the stores, including the sweet, juicy Evelina and the crisp, slightly sour Gloster. Among the varieties available, the most popular are the Idared, with 2,000 tonnes, the Jonagold, with 1,200 tonnes, and the Golden, with 1,100 tonnes. Apples account for 12 percent of the entire year's fruit sales in the chain. The busiest months are February and March, when Tesco sells about 2,500 tonnes.

Tesco's suppliers have to comply with the Food Production Standard (TPPS) and the fruits on the shelves are subjected to sensory quality testing several times a day to ensure that buyers only have access to the best quality apples. The fruits are stored in a low oxygen environment at a temperature close to 0 °C until they are brought to the shelves and are then kept under constant control for a maximum of 5 days on the store shelf.

Source: vg.hu
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