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Denmark: Using coffee grounds to cultivate mushrooms

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-05-04  Views: 51
Core Tip: A company in Copenhagen is looking for tons of coffee grounds to use for mushroom cultivation.
   A company in Copenhagen is looking for tons of coffee grounds to use for mushroom cultivation. They are doing this because there are many nutrients in the coffee residue that we so carelessly throw away. Beyond Coffee has found a way to make use of these nutrients. At three nurseries in N?rrebro, Amager and Humleb?k, Beyond Coffee uses grounds to cultivate oyster mushrooms. “We have had enough of this disposable culture. We want to reuse our waste to generate energy and heat. The biomass has far more potential than we currently use”, says Mikkel Lustrup Jensen, project leader at Beyond Coffee.
  They already use about 2,5 tonnes of organic coffee per month. They get this for free from other businesses. These include Coloplast, Comwell, Frederiksberg Forsyning and Fazer, a restaurant at the University of Copenhagen. “We are looking for large companies that use organic coffee and want to get rid of their coffee grounds. We do set rules regarding hygiene and the quality of the coffee. The companies must be willing to take the time to pack the coffee grounds. They must also keep the grounds in a fridge”, says Mikkel Lustrup Jensen.
  Local coffee, local fungi
  The company has nurseries in various locations. One of the reasons for this is that they want to work as locally as possible. “We have nurseries close to the businesses from whom we receive the coffee grounds. This proximity makes the distance the grounds need to travel as short as possible. This closeness means our oyster mushrooms are available right after we harvest them. They become a whole different product when you have to transport them over a distance of a few hundred kilometres”, he says. Beyond Coffee supplies oyster mushrooms to restaurants. These include places like Manfreds, B?st, Gaarden og Gaden and Comwell in Humleb?k. In turn, these restaurants supply Beyond Coffee with coffee grounds.
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