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If kids do not eat fruit, we will try to make them drink fruit juices

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Core Tip: We believe that scientific research is always rewarding.
 "We believe that scientific research is always rewarding, and on this journey we have discovered that, when fruit is transformed into juice by using the High Pressure Processing (HPP) method, it does not undergo any variations in the content of bioactive compounds compared to products which are pasteurized at 80 ° C. This means that cold pasteurization, which characterizes our products, improves the stability of the product and more."
Davide Battello, commercial collaborator at DiVti Quartagamma, owner of the Quick brand explains:

"Three years ago we developed a patent for a fresh cut range (specifically for vending purposes) in collaboration with the Department of Food Sciences of the University of Udine for the promotion of vacuum-packed fruit. In recent years many things have changed: currently we are focusing on the production of 100% natural juices that we sell under the Quick brand. We can declare with a certainty that we are among the few if not the only producers commercializing 100% pure cold pasteurized bergamot juice".

Angelo Della Valentina, owner of the company: "The project started two years ago from a simple idea: we thought that if kids do not eat fruit, then we will try to make them drink fruit instead. The juices are made from first choice Italian fruit, originating from dedicated areas. We offer a selection of eight different juices: kiwi, pomegranate, strawberry, orange, bergamot, clementine, apple and carrot".

"The raw material is processed in a large centrifuge capable of processing about 2 tons of fruit per hour. The fruit is then pressed, reduced in pulp and crushed between the steel rollers. After this process is completed, the juice is immediately filtered and bottled, and then we pasteurize it using the cold HPP method", explains Davide.

"The advantages of this technology can easily be recognized: first of all the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit are well maintained to keep its freshness. Secondly, an excellent final result in terms of aroma, color, consistency and flavor is achieved. This method guarantees a maximum result even in terms of food safety and a good shelf life compared to other traditional processing methods".

"We purchase Italian fruit from the most specialized areas. As an example, we buy the Golden variety of apples from a Friulian cooperative and bergamot from Calabria, while the orange juice, the clementines and the Wonderful variety pomegranate are purchased via two Sicilian companies, namely Camel Srl and Ortogel Spa".

"We are constantly evolving and we have customers we are loyal to. Currently, we produce approximately 150,000 bottles which we sell in the domestic market to bars, pastry shops, specialized individuals, caterers and normal trade. The formats of the bottles are 250 ml in Pet packaging and 2l in Bag-in-Box packaging".

Davide said that juices are packed in Pet packagings as it would not be possible to use the glass due to the high pressure with which the juices are processed. "This is a top-of-the-range product which is not suitable yet for the mass distribution due to the fairly limited quantities which can be produced at this stage. In any case, this is a product which requires thorough explanation. It has been possible to secure customer loyalty because this is really an exceptional product, which does not contain any preservatives, additives, water nor any added sugars, but only genuine fruit and those who buy it the first time then order it again."

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