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Comparison between Frozen Food and Fresh Food

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Core Tip: This is a topic of long term debate that which one is superior from frozen food and fresh food.
 This is a topic of long term debate that which one is superior from frozen food and fresh food. Some peoples think that fresh food is better and some think that frozen food is better. But according to the reports of Sarah Merinos the frozen foods are as nutritious as fresh. And in some cases frozen foods have more nutritious elements than fresh food.

Leatherhead Food Research and Chester University do two independent studies. In their studies they researched on the nutritional contents of fresh foods and frozen foods. In their studies they found that in near about 66% cases, frozen vegetables and fruits contain more minerals like, vitamin C, betacarotene, polyphenols and lutein, when they compared frozen foods with fresh ones. For research they stored fresh varieties of foods in the fridge for three days. These minerals not only helped us to keep our immune system healthy but also provide power to fight with cancer, heart disease and other types of illness.

Dr Rachel Burch said that” we work to clear the mistaken review about that fresh foods are more nutritious than frozen foods. We showed that frozen foods are similar nutritious to fresh foods”. Natasha Murray who is working for Australia’s Dietitians Association also agrees with Rachel research. It is somewhat relevant to mention here that gambling in this country is also rampant as I mentioned in my pokies story and also reflected here and here. She said that” Many fresh foods spend days in the cycle of going from farm to market then from the market to our fridges. It sometimes takes days or even weeks, by which their nutritional value degraded. But in case of frozen foods, these foods are frozen instantly after harvesting so their nutritional values are locked.”

Frozen food is also a very great alternative when you are using is a food item which is out of season. Like berry sorbet in winter. You can use them in case of frozen foods. Whether you are using frozen food or fresh foods, it is important to know the perfect way of cooking. Many vitamins and nutrients are sensitive to heat. They lost their nutritional value if you over heat this. So, you have to cook the food in a perfect way to keep its nutritional value.

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