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Merger announced in Dutch tomato industry

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Core Tip: Dutch tomato growers RedStar and Looye Kwekers want to continue their business together.
Dutch tomato growers RedStar and Looye Kwekers want to continue their business together. This was announced yesterday by the Van der Kaaij and Looije families, owners of the companies, to the companies' staff, customers, business relations and others. The new company will continue its activities under the Looye Kwekers brand and will focus completely on the higher segment in both taste and market. The turnover amounts to 180 million euros.

RedStar is the company of the Van der Kaaij family. With an acreage of 90 hectares, operations in the Netherlands and a participation in UK company Thanet Earth, the company is one of the biggest players in the Dutch tomato field. Among their brands are the RedStar Romantic, Vanity, Passion, Tropical, Safari and Sublime.

Looye Kwekers are known for their Honingtomaten (Honey tomatoes), being one of the first and most highly valued premium brands in the Dutch and German fresh industry. The company has grown to an acreage of 39 hectares in the Netherlands. Looye Kwekers specializes in cherry and vine tomatoes. With the brands 'Honey tomatoes' and 'Joyn' it has a special position in the market.

Both companies operate as independent family businesses, both with direct delivery to large retail chains and via trading companies. "With the merger we respond to the upscaling in the fresh produce market, both in the selling and the buying parties", the companies announced. "With our brand we want to strengthen our position and continue to act as a company with family values."

No redundancies
The families expect the merger will offer their employees opportunities, and they foresee no forced redundancies. The current managing director of Looye Kwekers, Heleen van Gulik, will lead the new company. The interim CEO of RedStar, Kees van Oostenrijk, will resign after the merger. The Looije family, the Van der Kaaij charity organization, De Eik, and the children of Cor and Dirk van der Kaaij will become shareholders of Looye Kwekers.

In the upcoming months the new company will take shape. A special note was made in the announcement about the ongoing lawsuits against RedStar regarding the recovery of previously received European subsidies. Both families state that they recognize this situation. "The new company focuses on the future with the aim to make people and nature grow meaningfully - to give flavor and to enjoy it."

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