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Tight East Coast green bean supplies lead to stronger market

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-07-10  Views: 9
Core Tip: As the green bean season steadily transitions northwards, tighter supplies are resulting from planting gaps.
As the green bean season steadily transitions northwards, tighter supplies are resulting from planting gaps. Green beans are currently being harvested in the central eastern states, before moving up into the Northeast and Midwest in a couple of weeks and the season is expected to continue until autumn.

"Green Beans are currently harvesting in Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and Delaware," said Carl Ream of J&J Family of Farms. "By July 15, they will be growing in New Jersey, New York and Michigan. These areas should continue production through to at least September, weather permitting."

Short supply leading to higher prices, but only temporarily
Supplies are tight right now which has led to higher prices. But suppliers say this is only temporary and supplies are set to rebound by next week, easing prices back to the average.

"There is currently a short supply of green beans," Ream continued. "Usually though, the shortage is short term and is expected to recover by next week, when heavier supplies will enter the market. During harvest time, a planting gap occurs which rotates the cycle around again. Currently, prices are fairly normal to slightly high, but by late next week the market should be returning to normal again."

Retail packs by weight gives more flexibility to customers
While there are plenty of packaging options for fixed weight products, J&J Family of Farms are offering their green beans in retail packaging that allows consumers to select exactly how much they need.

"We have a random weight green bean bag that allows consumers to choose how much they want to take," Ream said. "This gives them some flexibility on how much to purchase."

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