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Chinese garlic still leads in global markets due to relatively low price

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-11-26  Views: 3
Core Tip: The global market price of garlic has shown a constant rising trend over the last few years.
"The global market price of garlic has shown a constant rising trend over the last few years. Many farmers outside China expanded the surface area devoted to garlic plantation because of the relatively large profit margins. This development is clearly visible in Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, and India. The competitive strength of China in the global garlic market is reduced because of this development. This is particularly true for the European Union with its trade quotas." This is according to Tom Bi of Jining Land Produce Co., Ltd.

"China's current garlic export market is quite stable. The price slightly increased in late October when refrigerated warehouses opened up for garlic export, although it still fell by 30% in comparison with the price around this time last year. The relatively low price means that China is able to maintain a leading role in the global garlic market despite growing competition."

"People are quite sensitive to the price of garlic after years of personal experience with roller coaster price fluctuations. In the last two years, however, the price has been lower than people expected, which means that the overall surface area devoted to garlic plantation may shrink next year. As for the production volume, that is still difficult to say since it depends, not only on the actual surface area devoted to garlic plantation, but also on weather conditions."

"We currently export our garlic under our own registered brand 'Land Produce' through Qingdao port to the European Union, South America, and Africa. In the future, while we continue to develop our current markets, we also hope to expand our market share in Central America and bring our garlic to even more overseas consumers."

Source: www.chinagarlic.com

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