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Oaxaca has exported almost 6,000 tons of mango to the US

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-09-12  Views: 13
Core Tip: This year, Oaxaca exported 36,617.20 tons of mango to the United States.
This year, Oaxaca exported 36,617.20 tons of mango to the United States.
This volume shipped was the result of the 2018 Mango Export Program that is being carried out in the eastern zone of the Isthmus, where 63 thousand orchards were registered.
The delegate of the Sagarpa in Oaxaca, Adolfo Toledo Infanzon, stated in an interview that the 2018 Mango Export Program had reported an increase of 5,941.36 tons exported, as last year exports amounted to approximately 30,675.82 tons.
He also said that the goal of the National Campaign Against Fruit Flies for 2018 was to protect 13,800 hectares of mango production in the municipalities of San Pedro Tapanatepec, Chahuites, and Reforma de Pineda. 
This, to conduct the correct application of phytosanitary requirements and procedures provided for in the regulations, which is crucial to offer a quality product to a population that increasingly demands more food, said the federal official. 
"The mango's phytosanitary quality, among other issues, is essential for its competitiveness and permanence in globalized markets," said the federal official. 
Oaxaca is the sixth biggest producer of mango in the country. Its production is growing year after year, as in 2016 it produced 141,082 tons and in 2017 it produced 148,400 tons. 
Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx
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