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Winscribe: resealable top seal packaging

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-10-09  Views: 14
Core Tip: Many consumers prefer packaging that is resealable.
Many consumers prefer packaging that is resealable. You cannot really reseal a tray with a top seal film. Dutch packaging company, Van der Windt, has found a solution for this. By lightly 'writing' on a two-layer PET laminate, a resealable top seal is created.
"Our ‘Winscribe’ offers a solution that was thought to be impossible for a long time - a thin, clear laminate, printed or not, of single or multi-layer material that is resealable. It can be used with polypropylene as well as polyester trays. The easy-to-open Winscribe film can be opened and closed up to 20 times, working just as well each time", says Van der Windt.

"Until now, much research has been done into finding resealable packaging. Lids and top seals both have their advantages and disadvantages. A solution that is often used is a sticker that can be used to close the packaging again after it has been opened. This is not only expensive but, also far from ideal from an environmental point of view. The label and the film are made from two different materials. This means that it is not possible to recycle this. Winscribe has found a solution for this too. Winscribe is manufactured of two layers of the same material. These can be recycled along with the tray.

Van der Windt came up with two PET films that are laminated together. These have a lasered tear-off pattern. What makes this solution revolutionary, is that it is very challenging to laser such thin layers. With the arrival of an additional laser unit and laminator, Van der Windt is ready for an increase in the packaging procedure", says the company.


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