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Univar Solutions and Biospringer advance natural yeast ingredients in European Nordics

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2023-11-14  Origin: foodingredientsfirst
Core Tip: Univar Solutions has partnered with Biospringer by Lesaffre in a collaboration that aims to distribute an array of natural yeast ingredients in European Nordics.
Univar Solutions has partnered with Biospringer by Lesaffre in a collaboration that aims to distribute an array of natural yeast ingredients in European Nordics. The move is slated to align with the burgeoning demand for healthier, sustainable and clean label food products.

“Working in tandem with Biospringer, we can offer yeast ingredients to customers who are seeking to elevate their products with richness, improved taste and mouthfeel while reducing sugar and sodium,” says Kevin Hack, the global vice president of food ingredients for Univar Solutions.

Biospringer is a company in fermentation known for its extensive range of natural yeast ingredients.

The collaboration is poised to leverage Biospringer’s expertise in producing animal-free products that improve taste profiles. This aligns with the food industry’s shift toward alternatives to traditional plant and animal protein sources.

Univar Solutions’ Foodology division and Biospringer’s Culinary Center near Paris, France, drive this innovation together. Both institutions have in-house scientists and food specialists who develop food formulas, catering to the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers.

Nicolas Valentin, food EMEA sales director for Biospringer, highlights: “We are pleased to begin a new distribution partnership with Univar Solutions in the European Nordic countries. The sharing of expertise, constructive exchanges and collaborative spirit will be the winning recipe that enables us to build a solid partnership.”

Enhancing flavors for plant-based products
Nutritional yeast is a formerly little-known food item that has gone mainstream. Yeast ingredients have now emerged as a versatile option, capable of enhancing flavors in a variety of food applications.

Biospringer’s offerings are notable in the plant-based sector, where they add meaty, cheesy or vegetal tastes to vegan recipes, making them more appealing to a broader consumer base.

The preference for natural food products over synthetic and chemical ingredients will persist, further encouraging the manufacturing of yeast extract.

Natural yeast extracts serve as tools for food manufacturers aiming to position their products with a clean label. These ingredients are commonly used in plant-based products, contributing flavors such as roast chicken and grilled notes.

Unlocking the health and sustainability potential
The use of natural yeast ingredients in the current food industry is not limited to enhancing flavors. They are also integral in developing functional foods that are healthier and environmentally sustainable.

In a recent article in the scientific journal Nature Chemical Biology, an international team has successfully demonstrated that yeast cells can produce alstonine, a natural plant product known for its positive effects in treating schizophrenia.

Yeast protein is vegan-friendly and rich in essential nutrients like B-group vitamins and trace minerals. These essential nutrients can be challenging to obtain through an entirely plant-based diet. Yeast protein presents an alternative to traditional protein sources, being a good option for human nutrition with a low environmental footprint.

The growing interest in sustainable protein sources has led businesses to explore innovative uses of yeast, including extracting proteins from spent brewer’s yeast for vegan products. 
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