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Growing demand in Thailand for Nanfeng honey mandarins

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-11-01  Views: 3
Core Tip: Nanfeng honey mandarins are a characteristic product from Nanfeng County in Jiangsu Province.
Nanfeng honey mandarins are a characteristic product from Nanfeng County in Jiangsu Province. Consumers in China and abroad are quite familiar with this honey mandarin. It has been a regular tribute paid to the imperial court from as early as the Tang Dynasty [618-907]. The average annual production volume of Nanfeng honey mandarins is 1.5 billion kg. The honey mandarin sells well in more than 40 countries. The honey mandarin can boast the largest surface area devoted to plantation of a single mandarin variety as well as the largest annual production volume. It is also the largest in China in terms of export volume and number of export destinations. This is mainly due to the excellent weather and soil conditions in Nanfeng, which exceed that of nearby production areas, and give the Nanfeng honey mandarin its unique characteristics.

"This year's harvest season officially began in September and will continue until late January or early February of next year. This is precisely the time when Nanfeng honey mandarins enter the market in large volumes, and their product quality is optimum both in terms of ripeness and flavor."

"There is little difference in production volume of Nanfeng honey mandarins in this production season or last year. The price is also relatively stable. This is mainly due to the high degree of popularity that Nanfeng honey mandarins enjoy in the market. So even though oranges and other mandarin varieties enter the market in large volumes around the same time, this has little effect on the market position of Nanfeng honey mandarins."

"We harvest in close cooperation with local cooperatives and local farmers in Nanfeng. We mainly export Nanfeng honey mandarins under our own registered brand 'Coolfresh' to South and Southeast Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It is our understanding that Nanfeng honey mandarins have steadily grown in popularity in overseas markets in recent years. Consumer demand is extremely strong."


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