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Fiber focus: First dietary fiber verified natural according to ISO standards

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-11-06  Views: 16
Core Tip: Chicory root fiber is reportedly the first dietary fiber to achieve the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 19657:2017 standard.
Chicory root fiber is reportedly the first dietary fiber to achieve the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 19657:2017 standard. The news comes about a year after ISO set a new standard for food ingredients to be called “natural.” Linked to myriad health benefits, fiber holds growing potential for manufacturers as an ingredient that can be added to products to throw in an extra dash of health and satiety. Chicory root processor Sensus’ full portfolio of chicory inulin and oligofructose products now qualifies as natural according to the ISO standard. The company, whose portfolio comprises Frutafit (inulin) and Frutalose (oligofructose), derived from chicory root fiber, welcomed the announcement.

“We are extremely pleased that we can now really call our chicory inulin natural according to the very latest and strict ISO standard,” explains Sensus Scientific and Regular Affairs Leader, Dr. Elaine Vaughan. “There are many fibers available in the market and this qualification distinguishes chicory inulin from fibers that you cannot find in nature.”

Sensus notes that inulin has been part of our daily diet for centuries and there are over 36,000 plants in the world that contain inulin fiber, like banana, wheat and garlic. The inulin is extracted with hot water from chicory roots, which contain a high level of inulin.

ISO’s focus when determining the “naturalness” of an ingredient hinges on an ingredient’s occurrence in nature. According to Sensus, not many other dietary fibers will likely qualify for this verification, simply because they do not occur in nature. As part of the continuing trend towards clean and clear labels, naturalness has become a pivotal aspect for many consumers seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Industry attention for fibers is on the rise after eight specific fibers were greenlighted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a regulatory announcement earlier this year, meaning that the promoted fibers can be classified as “dietary fibers” on the upcoming Nutrition Facts Label. Many consumers are currently not getting enough fiber in their diets. Earlier this year, a Public Health England survey found that only 9 percent of UK adults were achieving the daily intake goal of 30g.

Paul Vennik, Director Sales & Marketing at Sensus, said, “especially in the US market, this announcement is extremely important as over the past two years food producers that traditionally make products with fibers or companies that started looking at incorporating fibers in their products were delaying projects due to the uncertainty of the regulatory status of certain fibers.”

“As it gives the food industry, by working with chicory root fiber as a dietary fiber, a great tool in hand to develop ‘better for you’ products that contribute to consumer health and thereby they add value to their products,” he added.
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