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Onion packaging with info for the consumers

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-12-17  Views: 14
Core Tip: It is crucial to always come up with something new and to offer additional services.
It is crucial to always come up with something new and to offer additional services. The new net packaging of the Agro Emiliana onions is a response to that. The produce consists of white, golden and red onions in 500 gr tubes (4 pieces). Also, there are some indications on how to use it for cooking.

The white onion is perfect either baked or boiled. The golden onion is perfect for the mirepoix or the omelette. Lastly, the red onion is very well-suited for salads or soups.

Onions with the Selenella brand have been available in MMRs for over a week. The retailer Davide Marmocchi commented, “During the first week, the Selenella onion sales went beyond the expectations. We did expect a positive start – considering that it was placed next to classic potatoes – but not this positive! Almost all our customers, from markets to supermarkets, wanted to try this new product. At the moment, they are placing new orders for this product as they were surprised by the excellent sales”.

The positive market trend is the result of a generally good period for onions. But also, it is a result of the smaller size of the onions which helps to reduce waste compared to other standard products.

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