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More than 500 products have not been approved for the registration system of formula milk powder

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-12-20  Origin: morningpost.com.cn  Views: 50
Core Tip: 2018 is the first year of infant formula milk powder registration system.
2018 is the first year of infant formula milk powder registration system. Looking at the end of the year, many enterprises that have not yet passed the formula registration system are still waiting. As the registration system of formula milk powder becomes more and more strict, the variables are also increasing. "At present, it seems that OEM, OEM and counterfeit foreign brands are most affected," industry insiders pointed out.

Liu Xuechong, secretary-general of China Nutrition and Health Food Association, said that the the review is more and more strict, the reason is that milk powder registered with formula can meet the market demand. Many enterprises also clearly feel that the threshold of auditing is becoming higher and higher. "More stringent audit, higher standards, higher threshold," said a brand responsible person of milk powder, the sample testing link has become the biggest "roadblock tiger".

On October 15, 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration approved the registration of 18 infant formula milk powder products from two enterprises. However, all the milk powder registered came from domestic factories, and there were no foreign factories. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration had announced 1195 formula registrations, with nearly 1700 formula milk products submitting application materials for formula registration. This means that 500 formula milk products are still under review, and how many are approved is still unknown.

Some imported milk powder can not be registered because of the increasingly stringent registration system. Reporters learned that since October this year, the relevant departments of the State Administration of Market Supervision have gone to France and Netherlands for on-site inspection of milk powder factories. Some milk powder brands have not passed the test of milk powder samples.
Previously, the formula registration of Gidori, Ofmom Ai and Hilia, which had been declared by Kaon Hilia Dairy Factory, totaled three series of infant formula milk powder. The General Administration gave the public reply of "no approval". The three brands that were withdrawn were all involved in the suspected Salmonella infections of some products of the French Rantris Group last year. This is the first time that the list of "no approval" has been published since the implementation of the registration of infant formula.

For imported milk powder that has not yet obtained the registration system "access certificate", if it wants to continue to sell in China, it can only be sold through cross-border e-commerce, but cross-border e-commerce products can not be "sold on the shelves in physical stores", otherwise it will face severe punishment. Many enterprises are still playing the "edge ball", and the unregistered Hunan Obijia Nutritional Food Co., Ltd. is still publicizing the product concept of "original Danish canned import" on the official website, but the so-called "original Danish canned import of Obijia infant formula powder" has not been traced in the mainstream marketing channels of Denmark. For Obijia infant formula powder aimed at the domestic market, once it is locked out of the door by the registration system of Chinese milk powder, it means that it is not far from disappearance.

Yan Weibin, chairman of Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd, said earlier that in the face of the new milk powder policy, domestic enterprises and foreign brands are struggling and the competition is more intense in the "post-new policy era". After 2020, the milk powder industry will enter the competition pattern of "gross profit decline, scale concentration". Only a few brands can survive, and the dividend period of China's milk powder industry will end.
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