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Healthy supplies of blueberries coming in from South America

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-01-10  Views: 6
Core Tip: Supplies of imported blueberries are plentiful and stable at the moment.
Supplies of imported blueberries are plentiful and stable at the moment.

“Blueberries are basically from Chile right now but also still from Peru. Chile had a slow start, but now we have a good rhythm and it should continue like this for several more weeks,” says Luciano Fiszman of Redondo Beach, Ca.-based Gourmet Trading Co., adding that the quality of berries this year is also good. In Chile, while the northern region has finished up production, the central region is currently underway and the southern region is just starting to harvest.

Peru going long
Unlike last year when Peru finished up its berry season early, this year the season is running longer for the South American country. “Because the product quality is very good, this is good news for the market,” says Fiszman. “Chile started this season a little delayed but it’s already caught up. Mexico is a little delayed due the recent cooler weather but this should not be a problem.” This means only a small volume is currently coming in from Mexico.

In terms of demand, Fiszman notes that while the U.S. continues to take the largest chunk of supply, this year Europe is pulling more volume from Chile compared to last year. “Asia is also taking a minor portion, however it is pretty stable,” he adds.

Even pricing

All of this makes for stable pricing which should continue to stay steady for some time. “Pricing was recently adjusted in the marketplace to move the volume that the industry shipped accordingly,” says Fiszman. “Competitive prices at the shelf allow consumption to increase and create momentum to absorb the big volumes. Lots of planning went on this season and now it is paying back.”

Fiszman also notes that retailers are expressing increasing interest in blueberries as a commodity. “They’re giving more space to blueberries as consumption is going up,” he says. “They’re very enthusiastic about promoting fresh blueberries and we now have to make sure everyone gets what is needed, along with procuring the best possible return to growers back in South America.”

He also notes that Gourmet Trading is promoting larger and larger packs of berries as opposed to the small formats. “This turns to be a great deal for everyone,” says Fiszman. “It just needs the best berries to fill this pack style. While this is a not a new format, it is one that is on the rise.”

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