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Key Biscuit Trends in India

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-02-19  Origin: fnbnews  Views: 11
Core Tip: Biscuit consumption is very high in India and indicates the scope for segment growth.
Biscuit consumption is very high in India and indicates the scope for segment growth. Moreover, Mintel research shows that household preference played a crucial role in the consumption of biscuits in the past six months. It points to an opportunity for companies to address the specific needs of everyone within a household to enable them to provide targeted offerings to each demographic individually.

With the growing awareness of the role nutrition plays in today’s busy lifestyles, Indian consumers are looking for food and drink options which are both convenient, like biscuits, but also help to quantify the intake of nutrients. While health is a priority for Indian consumers, they are not willing to compromise on indulgence and taste; biscuits.

Supporting a healthy lifestyle
Increasing health-consciousness among Indians has led to consumers demanding healthier snack options. Companies can look to offer biscuit options that allow for healthy snacking.

Furthermore, Mintel research indicates that Indian consumers are willing to experiment and would like to try biscuits with regional flavours. This points to an opportunity for manufacturers in the Indian biscuits segment to look at better-for-you launches, that do not compromise on taste.

Mintel's 2018 Trend Help Me Help Myself explores how consumers globally are gravitating towards brands and products that allow for self-improvement. Consumers are continually looking to drop bad habits and adopt good ones, with many turning to self-betterment apps such as calorie counters, which can facilitate weight loss.

Indian consumers are no exception, and this is exemplified by the fact that they are looking for healthier snack options. The inclusion of healthy ingredients, reduced sugar content, and the use of ancient grains can be effective in appealing to such health-conscious consumers, while smaller pack sizes and 'thins' can allow for guilt-free snacking.

Biscuit brands can look to leverage the benefits of low-calorie and multigrain
variants, and address specific health concerns likely to dial up the health quotient.

Sofit Protein Cookies
The protein cookies with natural cocoa and flax seeds are said to provide healthy energy, protein, Omega-3, fibre and vitamins.

Nilgiri's 1905 Health for Life Oats & Jamoon Cookies
Jamun has been traditionally associated with sugar reduction and is ideal for diabetic patients.

Cater to the busy consumer
Mintel Trend Transumers explores how there is a rise in new 'commuter class' – a consumer demographic that is in a seemingly perpetual state of transit.

This opens up the opportunity for portable and on-the-go products and devices, as well as the potential for advertising campaigns that address out-of-home consumption.
With busier lifestyles today, Indian consumers are looking for food products that suit their needs on-the-go and packaging that’s portable and makes for easy eating. Research indicates that three in five Indians consume biscuits on-the-go. There is a need for brands to provide packaging that is not only attractive but also functional. For example, brands can look to develop resealable packaging that is easy to carry around or single-serve options.

Panami Chocolate Almond Cookies
The cookies are said to be handmade with butter and selected ingredients. This product is said to be suitable for travelling and retails in a 125g resealable pack containing individual units.
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