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New chopped Medjool date product launched in North America

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-14  Origin: naturaldelights.com  Views: 9
Core Tip: Natural Delights® has launched its new Chopped Medjool date product.
Natural Delights® has launched its new Chopped Medjool date product. The company says the dates contain no added sugar, no pesticides and are gluten free.

Natural Delights® said it is bringing this item to the category in response to what it sees as surging consumer demand for healthy grab and go snacking options. The brand invested in consumer research and focus groups with millennial moms to measure marketplace viability and understand how the product would best fit into the everyday diet of their target consumer.

“During focus group testing of product prototypes, millennial moms instantly connected with the value and convenience of a chopped Medjool date product. They stressed their need for healthy snack options with no added sugar that also taste great. And they loved that our chopped Medjool dates were not only delicious as a standalone snack, but also a versatile ingredient they could easily toss into salads, cereal, trail mix, granola and other recipes,” said Tim Rooney, CEO, Bard Valley Date Growers.

The product contains Natural Delights® Medjool dates that are chopped and rolled in coconut flour, which was preferred by consumers in taste tests according to the company. It’s packaged in a 12 oz tub and features the same graphic look as the rest of the brand's lineup of Medjool date products.

The company cited research which indicated strong evidence for incremental purchase intent with 60 percent of Medjool date consumers reporting that they would buy the new chopped product in addition to their regular purchase of traditional Medjool dates.

“We did our homework to ensure that our new chopped product not only tasted great but would be a valuable addition to our product lineup at retail. As we grow the Medjool date category we’re committed to creating delicious products that both delight our consumers and perform for our retail partners,” stated Tim Rooney, CEO, Bard Valley Date Growers.

Natural Delights® Chopped Medjool dates are now shipping to retailers across North America.
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