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Paradise Fruits to debut freeze-dried crunchy granulates

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2020-01-08  Origin: foodingredientsfirst  Views: 10
Core Tip: Paradise Fruits by Jahncke will debut its latest range of freeze-dried Crunchy granulates at ProSweets 2020.
Paradise Fruits by Jahncke will debut its latest range of freeze-dried Crunchy granulates at ProSweets 2020. Developed by Paradise Fruits’ Freeze Dried division, Crunchy granulates are manufactured through a specially adapted freeze-drying process that allows customers the option of a one-component recipe made of 100 percent fruit, or a combination with yogurt or additional carriers, the company notes. “Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable food ingredients are seen as being healthy and add a new taste and texture dimension to the basic food source,” Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits, tells.

The launch comes as specialty chocolate and confectionery, functional or ‘better-for-you’ snacks, fruit teas and baked goods that include natural ingredients, such as whole or cut fruits, are forecast to soar in popularity throughout 2020, Jahncke comments.

The granulates are available in bespoke shapes and cut into sizes making them ideal for use in chocolate, confectionery and baked goods, as well as other applications. “They are the natural choice for manufacturers looking for a lightweight, nutritious and delicious ingredient to add flavor, color and texture. The 100 percent pure fruit recipe retains many of the natural flavor and color characteristics offered by fresh fruit, but in a format more suitable for snack and confectionery applications,” Jahncke explains.

Flavor combinations in the Paradise Fruits Crunchy range include Strawberry & Basil, Raspberry & Thyme, Mango & Rosemary, Orange & Chilli, Mango & Matcha Tea and Strawberry & Tomato. Exotic blends with apricot, mango, banana and passionfruit and non-fruit flavors, including cappuccino and salted caramel, are also available.

“The freeze-dried Crunchy range has many unique selling points and can be developed to suit various applications,” Jahncke continues. “For example, the pieces are available cut in bespoke shapes and sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm and in any flavor combinations required, from a mixture of all-natural fruits and vegetables.”

The non-uniform shape is also a unique offering and the granulates can be cut small enough to suit even the most limited machining capabilities, meaning less chance of the ingredients clogging up manufacturing equipment, Jahncke states.

“We are also increasingly finding that consumers want to gain more of a taste and texture experience when eating their favorite treats or snacks. This can be provided by inclusions that offer multiple consistencies such as the freeze-dried Crunchy pieces.”

As these inclusions are suitable for many applications, from chocolate and confectionery to baked goods, they appeal widely to food manufacturers that are developing new products that respond to these growing trends, he adds.

“Shoppers are looking for products that offer health benefits, such as one of your five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and nutrients. Applications that include freeze-dried fruits like our Crunchy range, which retains the majority of its natural, nutritional goodness, can provide this.

During ProSweets, to be held in Cologne, Germany, on the February 2-5, Paradise Fruits Solutions will also showcase its new high fiber recipes, which provide less than 40 percent sugar (naturally occurring) than standard fruit ingredients and almost 40 g of fiber per 100 g. The recipe is available as fruit granulates, pastes, drops and shapes and is ideal for manufacturers looking to create products that respond to increasing demand for functional high fiber snacks.

“Fruits and vegetables that contain micronutrients such as fiber and protein are very appealing as they are perceived as having a ‘health halo.’ Retailers are therefore stocking products containing high fiber inclusions as consumers look for confectionery and snacks that not only offer a treat but also contain natural and functional ingredients with nutritional benefits,” Jahncke concludes.

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