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  • Published: Mar 04, 2013 By: J. D. Heyes

    KFC is dropping more than 1,000 farms from its network of suppliers in China to make sure the food it serves is safe after a scandal over tainted chicken hurt company sales last year.
  • Published: Feb 26, 2013

    In recent news, China's national quality watchdog announced that drinks from one of the country's biggest wine producers contained plasticizer in quantities far exceeding the national standard.
  • Published: Feb 06, 2013 By: News Editor

    Chinese authorities have taken 350 people suspected of food safety crimes into custody since the end of January, according to the Ministry of Public Security.
  • Published: Feb 04, 2013 By: ZHENG JINRAN

    China's food safety watchdog plans to introduce tougher regulations on the import and export of dairy products, following a series of scandals.
  • Published: Feb 04, 2013

    Ensuring grain security and the supply of major farm products will always be a top priority in China's development of modern agriculture, Chinese authorities said on Thursday in its first policy document for 2013.
  • Published: Jan 24, 2013 By: Foodmate team

    U.S. and Chinese officials agreed upon a new dairy certificate this week, resolving a longstanding issue and ensuring that U.S. dairy products will continue to enter an important export market.
  • Published: Dec 29, 2012 By: Mark Godfrey

    A new rule by China’s Ministry of Agriculture taking affect in January will require producers to clearly label fish feed ingredients.
  • Published: Dec 19, 2012 By: Foodmate team

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended a 2008 agreement with China to enhance cooperation between the two countries on food and feed safety, the FDA said in a recent release.
  • Published: Dec 18, 2012

    According to China's state news agency, Xinhua, Carrefour could be fined up to 500,000 Yuan ($80,000 US), for allegedly misleading customers over prices at an outlet in Northwestern China.
  • Published: Dec 18, 2012 By: Foodmate team

    China is to intensify supervision of food and water safety in the coming year.
  • Published: Nov 26, 2012

    China on Friday said it will suspend import of nuts produced by US Sunland Inc over Salmonella outbreaks.
  • Published: Aug 14, 2012

    China is set to introduce new food packaging regulations from 1 January 2013, as a part of its effort to lower the risk of chronic non-communicable disease and help consumers make informed food choices and diseases.
  • Published: Jul 24, 2012 By: Mark Godfrey

    The integration of China's food safety standards with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) will "drastically improve" food safety in the country, Danone has argued.
  • Published: Jul 18, 2012 By: Kacey Culliney

    PepsiCo’s strategy to localise its Frito-Lay brand in China is ‘crucial’ but will need to be pushed further as it expands into central and western regions, says an industry analyst.
  • Published: Jul 14, 2012 By: Kacey Culliney

    The pilot study conducted by Chinese researchers analysed 78 food samples collected from Harbin and Shanghai between August and November, 2011 for phthalic acid esters or phthalate content.
  • Published: Jul 11, 2012 By: Joe Whitworth

    The latest standards issued by the Chinese Ministry of Health (MOH) around food packaging additives is only one “piece of the puzzle”, according to a legal expert from US law firm Keller and Heckman.
  • Published: Jul 10, 2012 By: Mark Astley

    The Codex Alimentarius Commission has set new maximum limits (MRLs) for ractopamine in pig and cattle tissue in an effort to improve the trade of meat containing the growth substance.
  • Published: Jul 04, 2012

    China has announced a new plan to markedly improve food safety in the country within three years. This move comes in response to several food safety scares that have hit the country over the past few years.
  • Published: Jun 22, 2012

    Philippines has banned mercury-tainted infant formula from China, as a part of its effort to ensure food safety in the country.
  • Published: Jun 22, 2012 By: Mark Astley

    Western food safety standards represent a definite advantage to foreign firms attempting to enter the growing Chinese dairy market.
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