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Turkey: Producers seeing great results with artichokes

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2015-06-10  Views: 8
Core Tip: Mudanya is famous for its special garden artichokes, which are giving producers great results.
Mundanya’s Fruit Growers’ Association chairman Fazli Aydogan’s and supervisory board member Ibrahim Turan's studies concerning artichokes, and the free distribution of seeds have meant that the special artichokes particular to Mudanya have become a current topic again. According to Turan, cultivating and tending to artichokes is easy and inexpensive, Mudanya’s soil is fertile for artichokes, they could even grow among olive trees, and in Ottoman times Mudanya’s artichokes were considered so distinguished that they were sent to the palace.

Most people are well aware that artichokes have curative qualities and Turan states, “Producers can make a good additional profit from artichokes, for producers from Mudanya, just as with olives, grapes, and figs, concentrating on artichoke production can be a profitable choice. According to Turan a great selection of foods can be made from Artichokes, jam can even be made from the stalks.”

Mundanya’s Fruit Growers’ Association chairman Fazli Aydogan says, “Our work on producing artichokes began to bear fruit under the supervision of Mundanya’s Fruit Growers’ Association's valued member and lawyer Ibrahim Turan. Our artichokes are easy to care for, inexpensive, high quality and delicious, which gives our producers an alternative product and extra possibility to make money. We are here for our producers, we have plenty to do together to create new ways to make money with Mudanya’s profitable and fruitful products which are left aside in the mean time. Our work will continue non-stop.”
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