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Gap between Spanish and Brazilian melon season

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2016-08-29  Views: 6
Core Tip: The tropical weather is causing a good demand for melons.
The tropical weather is causing a good demand for melons. "Our phone is red hot. Watermelons are very 'hot' at the moment, although the demand is mainly coming from the supermarkets and I think the trade on the open market is slightly disappointing," says Jacob Aktalan, responsible for the melon sales of MG Fruit. "Watermelons are being sold for around 60 cents at the moment. Last week this was still 40 cents and before this it was pathetically low. The warm weather has clearly given the market an impulse."

Also good demand for Galia and Cantaloupe
"Due to the extreme weather in Spain the season ended earlier. I expect the last watermelons from Murcia next week. Then we will get a few weeks' supply from La Mancha. But the market will remain good for a while, as the Spanish watermelon market is also good with temperatures around 40 degrees," continues Jacob. "There is also a good demand for Galia and Cantaloupe melons, but they have limited availability. There is no alternative on the market for these varieties. The quality is also declining. For Piel de Sapo and yellow melons the sales are more difficult, as there is still too much product on the market."

Large supply from Brazil
"We will receive the first Brazilian Galias and Cantaloupe next Friday, later followed by the yellow melons and watermelons. This means Brazil is starting a week earlier than usual. Brazil has melon production all year round and grown in sandier soils with better drainage in the rainy season. They have more than enough space for the cultivation and when the export demand explodes, they are ready to start. This year there will certainly be a large supply to start with. We have once again agreed on good programmes for the Brazilian melons this season, as they are one of our show pieces."

According to the importer there are still the necessary uncertainties on the Brazilian season. "Last year the market was very bad and due to this a number of players left, but the domestic market is flat due to the bad economy, which means they will focus fully on the export. In the first weeks the sales will go well, but after that it could go either way. I hope we don't get a repeat of last year. The weather will be a deciding factor in the sales."

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