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Verhofstede has been making fruit juice for 30 years

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Core Tip: Top fruit producers Theo and An Verhofstede are well known in Belgium for their fruit juices.
Top fruit producers Theo and An Verhofstede are well known in Belgium for their fruit juices. “We started out with apple juice, and since then we have expanded the assortment to 17 varieties,” says An. “Our juices are mainly available at local supermarkets and specialist stores in Flanders.”

100% fruit
The ‘juicy’ story started in a special way. “In the year 1986, we were struck by a heavy storm that caused almost all of our fruit to become unsellable. That is when we decided to press it all into juice and that is what we have continued to do. We are using our own products, but we also buy fruits from other producers.” According to An, the company distinguishes itself mainly because they only use 100% fruit. “We do not use concentrates, and we do not add any colourants, fragrances, or sugars. Only the pure juice of the fruit is in the bottles. Our fruit is produced in the most natural way possible.” The process goes as follows: “The apples are first washed and ground. After that, the seasonal fruits are added and the whole mass is pressed into juice. To preserve the juices for a longer time, they are first pasteurized and then the bottles are filled with warm juice, in vacuum.”

Healthy competition

An states that during the last 15 years, more and more colleagues have started making juices. “Of course, the competition for juice is severe, but if one looks at the providers in the same segment, I definitely see enough players on the market, but it is healthy competition. We hear from our customers that they come back to us because of the delicious taste and the fact that they know what they are buying. Pure juice and no added sugars. With juices, one can simply do more. We have an additional page on our website with recipes where our consumers can find inspiration for new cocktails and smoothies.” Consumers can also get their own fruits pressed into juice at Verhofstede. “It is a fun idea to be able to enjoy the harvest from your own garden, and a unique gift for family, friends, and acquaintances.”

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