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Differentiate between hot and cold before drinking tea

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-05  Origin: people.com.cn
Core Tip: Drinking tea in moderation is beneficial to health, but drinking tea in different situations has more disadvantages than advantages.
Drinking tea in moderation is beneficial to health, but drinking tea in different situations has more disadvantages than advantages. China is the homeland of tea. Tea culture has a long history. Tea making and drinking have a history of several thousand years. According to the color and fermentation degree, tea can be divided into green tea, yellow tea, white tea, green tea, black tea, black tea and scented tea. According to traditional Chinese medicine, tea is warm and cold, so we should distinguish the nature of tea before drinking.

Green tea tastes bitter and cold. Green tea is a non-fermented tea. Longjing, Biluochun and Sparrow all belong to green tea. Because of its slightly cold nature and bitter taste, it is suitable for people with stomach heat to drink, while those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold should not drink too much. In addition, drinking green tea in winter is easy to cause stomach cold and may affect appetite, while in hot summer, drinking green tea just takes its bitterness and cold to relieve heat and thirst.

Yellow tea is cold and slightly cold. Yellow tea is light fermented tea. Junshan silver needle, Wenzhou yellow soup and Huoshan yellow bud are the main varieties of yellow tea. Yellow tea is cool and slightly cold. It is suitable for people with stomach heat to drink. Compared with the cool and warm taste of green tea and black tea, the characteristics of yellow tea are somewhere between them, and almost all of them are suitable for ordinary people.

White tea has a sweet taste. White tea is famous for its white hairy appearance and dark green color. The main varieties of white tea are Baihao Silver Needle, White Peony, Gongmei and Shoumei. White tea is cool, gentle, sweet and can reduce fire and dryness, but not as cold as green tea. It has the effect of reducing fever and fire in summer and is a good drink in summer.

Oolong tea is neither cold nor hot. Oolong tea, also known as green tea, has both the fragrance of green tea and the mellow taste of black tea. Its nature is flat, the taste is between green and black tea, not cold, not hot, bitter, cool and sweet, can remove accumulated heat in the body, especially suitable for autumn drinking, can alleviate autumn dryness.

Black tea, sweet taste. Black tea tastes sweet and warm, warms the stomach, dispels cold and dehumidifies, has the effect of harmonizing the stomach and strengthening the stomach, and can dispel cold and warm the body. Black tea also has the function of nourishing liver and protecting liver. It is suitable for people with deficiency and cold constitution and the elderly to drink warm black tea. It is especially suitable for drinking in winter. It can nourish the body, keep Yang and warm the abdomen, so as to enhance the adaptability of the human body to winter climate.

Dark tea, dark tea is warm in nature. Dark tea is a unique kind of tea in China, including Yunnan Puer tea, Hunan Fuzhuan tea, Guangxi Liubao tea, Hubei Qingzhuan tea, etc. Dark tea is bitter, sweet and peaceful in nature. It can clear fire and warm the stomach and disperse cold. Clinically, it is often used to wake up the spleen and strengthen the stomach, relieve greasy, reduce blood lipid and cholesterol, etc. Because of its nature, it is suitable for most people, but not for people with Yin deficiency and internal heat.

Scented tea, warm in nature. Scented tea is fragrant and spicy, which can refresh the mind, make people feel refreshed and relaxed. Jasmine, Osmanthus fragrans and other scented tea should be drunk during spring hardship. Scented tea is warm in nature. Drinking scented tea in spring can emit the cold accumulated in the human body during the long winter and promote the growth of Yang in the human body.
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