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Houweling's Tomatoes adds three new premium snack packs

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-08  Views: 11
Core Tip: Houweling’s Tomatoes announced three new tomato packs as part of their premium Signature Selection line.
Houweling’s Tomatoes announced three new tomato packs as part of their premium Signature Selection line. The exclusive Signature Selection brand dictates a strict criteria for varietal selection and growing practices, placing flavor at the forefront of the selection criteria, followed by other key attributes such as texture, and appearance.

The Signature Selection line can be identified by Houweling’s distinctive black and gold label branding, complete with varietal declaration on each clamshell which promises consumers that they will consistently enjoy a premium product. The new selections include:

Tomtastic Yellow Cherry Tomatoes: Selected for their sweet flavor and yellow burst of color, these cherry tomatoes are packed in 12 x 10.5 oz. clamshells

Signature Rainbow Trio: Bright Yellow, Red and Orange premium snacking tomatoes are chosen for their high flavor profiles and firm texture. Packed neatly in a compartmentalized clamshell, the Rainbow Trio is available in 10 x 1.25 pint clamshells.

Signature Medley Grape Tomatoes: Varietals for Houweling’s grape medley offer a pleasing variety of flavors, varied shapes, distinct textures and brilliant colors. Signature Medley is available in 12 x 1 pint diamond clamshells or 15 x 1 pint rectangular clamshells

The three new packs join the current line up of Houweling’s premium Signature Selection items: Sweetoms Red Grape Tomatoes, Strawberry On The Vine Tomatoes, and Tomazing Red Cherry Tomatoes and are all available year round from Houweling’s California and Delta, BC greenhouse farms. The expansion of Houweling’s Signature Selection line fortifies the brand vision of offering premium, flavorful, bespoke snacking tomato varietals that creates a loyal following of tomato lovers and repeat, retail purchase.

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