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Chilean pink plums popular in China

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-22  Views: 5
Core Tip: Chilean plums have been gradually reaching the Chinese market since the end of January.
Chilean plums have been gradually reaching the Chinese market since the end of January. They haven't quite managed to take advantage of the golden opportunities of the Chinese New Year, yet, in the way the Chilean cherries have. But, because they are 'off-season fruits', they still occupy a big part of the winter and spring plum market in China.

It is often said that the plums appearing on the Chinese market are mostly snow plums (like Larry Anne) and black plums (like Black Cat and Black Majestic). Both varieties are very sweet, but when it comes to outer appearances, they can't completely satisfy the demands of Chinese consumer preferences and their liking for 'red' fruits. This is exactly where the Pink Delight variety of plums fills a void on the Chinese market.

According to an importer, the Pink Delight variety is very welcome in China. That's not only for its good taste, but also for its bright and tender look. The fruit is beautiful overall. No matter if the buyers come from the North or the South of China, they all favour Pink Delight. The only downside is a restricted production volume. In Shanghai for example, only one or two containers arrive every week, which is insufficient to meet demand.

Because the Pink Delight plums are sought after by consumers, their price has been continuously rising. The import price this week is a good example. The same standard, 52 case, snow plums (Larry Anne) are sold at 140 RMB to 150 RMB and black plums are sold at 150 RMB to 160 RMB. But Pink Delight fetches a price of up to 185 RMB. Plums that are slightly larger than, for example, the standard 44, can even reach a selling price of 200 RMB. Even more importantly, because the overall supply is limited, the sales speed is very fast. They are truly best-sellers.

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