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Cydiance to launch new real-time data, temperature monitoring device

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-04-18  Views: 18
Core Tip: Chinese tech company Cydiance will soon launch its new line of data monitoring devices, which the company distributes worldwide.
Chinese tech company Cydiance will soon launch its new line of data monitoring devices, which the company distributes worldwide.

Real time monitoring devices
“We develop temperature monitoring devices, or temperature data loggers. These devices are used to accurately monitor and track temperature during transport. We have two types of loggers. The first type, C1, operates independently during transport and will deliver a report on arrival. This device is entirely NIST traceable, which embodies one of the highest standards of calibration in the USA. Temperature calibration is critical for the accuracy of our product, and we are very proud to be able to boost these international standards. The second type, the M100, is connected to online applications during transportation and is able to generate real-time data. As for the second equipment, it can maintain contact with online application software to display real-time temperatures. It can connect to the internet automatically via long distance, and all the temperature related information can be sent through SMS and email. Both pieces of equipment not only provide the temperature inspection data, but also keep a detailed record that captures location changes and changes in humidity level. This summer, after careful research and testing, we will launch a new real-time data monitoring device,” explains Austin.

Shandong Artisan Foods is a large exporter of garlic and ginger. The company uses Cydiance’s devices in their containers for ginger exports. According to the export manager: “Cydiance data monitoring tools are small, easy to use, waterproof and easy to attach. In addition, the design of the devices is very straightforward. For example, the ‘stop’ button is easily recognised and won’t be used mistakenly.”

A Guatemalan exporter of fresh sugar snaps commented on the convenience of the use of the devices. To the right is a photo showing Cydiance’s 60 day recorder attached to a pallet of fresh peas.

The M100 real-time data monitoring device will be available from this Summer onwards.

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