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Syngenta introduces new snack tomatoes in Spain

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Core Tip: In Malaga, Syngenta has presented its complete Snack tomato product range, a strategic segment for the company in which it is making major investments towards the innovation and development of new varieties.
In Malaga, Syngenta has presented its complete Snack tomato product range, a strategic segment for the company in which it is making major investments towards the innovation and development of new varieties. During the day "The Realm of Flavours," producers, technicians and managers from large distributors were able to see all of the latest in this type of tomatoes, with different colours, surprising flavours and a variety of textures. Most notable among them all were three commercial varieties perfectly adapted to our production areas: the Angelle, Nébula and Dulcemiel. Information was given on these varieties not only at a technical level, but they were also used in a very original way by three cutting-edge chefs.

Rafael Salinas, product manager for tomatoes at Syngenta, provided a reminder that the company has 5,000 people working just on R&D around the world and invests 10% of its annual revenue on research. With this huge potential behind it, an ambitious programme is being implemented to develop Snack tomato varieties with a focus on three fundamental aspects: flavour, texture and colours. Therefore, year after year new varieties are being created in different colours and formats that combine the features sought by consumers to achieve their appreciation of a tomato viewed as exceptional: firm and crunchy when biting into it, juicy, with a high organic sugar content, a high organic acid content and greater aroma.

Angelle, Nébula and Dulcemiel

Of all the varieties presented, Rafael Salinas first highlighted the Angelle, a shiny and intense red-coloured Babyplum that weighs 15 grams, ideal for eating as a snack. The Angelle is a crunchy tomato with a well-balanced, intense flavour, excellent aroma and 10% organic sugars. Moreover, it stores well, which is essential for exporting.

Also highlighted was the Nebula, a round Cherry tomato measuring 30-35 mm in diameter and weighing 20-25 grams, in a lovely red colour. Its special combination of sugar content (11-12%) and organic acids, coupled with its juiciness and crunchy texture, make it a burst of flavour to consumers in a tomato with great culinary potential.

Last of all, the Dulcemiel was presented, a surprising sweet green tomato with a truly peculiar taste. The Dulcemiel is a Sweet Green with an oval shape and a weight of 18-20 grams, containing no less than 12% to 14% sugars. Its smooth texture and medium juiciness are combined with a totally new flavour which invites you to keep tasting it.

All of these varieties are already being commercialised and are intended for protected cultivation, but clearly they are for a very professional profile of producers who not only care for production in the greenhouse, but also have a well-defined commercial strategy to reach this specialised market segment.

A market with very good prospects
David Bodas, who is responsible for relations with the food chain at Syngenta Spain, Portugal and Italy spoke about market trends and how the Snack tomato has grown exponentially on the shelves of large retail stores in Spain over the last two years. In countries like Great Britain or Germany, one-third of all the tomatoes consumed now belong to this category, and it is clear that a portion of consumers, concerned about what they eat and with purchasing power, choose these tomatoes because of their ease, flavour, quality and other factors involving healthy living and gastronomy.

Four prestigious international chefs demonstrated the enormous potential which these three tomato varieties hold: television chef Enrique Sánchez presented the event and commented on the importance of colour, flavour, aromas and shapes when creating new dishes; David Sorroche made an unmatchable Dulcemiel gazpacho with red shrimp; Stefie Faust cooked an Angelle tomato quiche and made an angel marmalade with ginger and dates, and Pablo Fuente prepared several Nébula tomato presentations, including a tomato mousse with frozen tomato water gelatin that surprised everyone.

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