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Branded products sell better

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-09-14  Views: 14
Core Tip: Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co Ltd. sells avocados on the Chinese market under their own brand name 'Bravocado'.
Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co Ltd. sells avocados on the Chinese market under their own brand name 'Bravocado'. "We also sell avocados and coconuts without brand names, but we notice that the ones with brand names sell better. The reason for this difference is that customers know to expect a certain product quality and service when they buy fruit with a brand name. In addition, every brand has a certain history and culture, which builds further trust with customers." This is according to Erica Su of Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd.

"When we sell coconuts in the supermarket, for example, most customers know that it is difficult to open the coconut at home. Therefore, we provide a special coconut opener in most Hema Fresh supermarkets. Customers can easily purchase our coconuts and then easily open them in the store with the special coconut opener. We also already include straws and spoons when we package the coconuts. All of this helps our customers to easily and immediately enjoy the coconut after purchasing. It may seem like a small service, but this makes it far more convenient for customers to purchase our coconuts."

"We do not only pay attention to the ease with which customers can open our coconuts, we also try to make it easier for them to eat avocados. The avocado is still relatively new in Chinese supermarkets, so we organize activities in supermarkets to show customers how to enjoy the avocado. However, this is not just for Chinese customers, people all over the world have a need to learn when an avocado is ripe. Many people find it difficult to decide when an avocado is ready to be eaten. Our company, therefore, produces a special box with avocados that are ready to be eaten one after the other. Each box contains three or six avocados, which ripen one day after the other so that customers have a ripe avocado each day. We hand-select the avocados and guarantee that our customers can enjoy avocados when they are just right."

"Shanghai Supafresh was established in 2009. It is a direct import and retail company specialized in food products. Shanghai Supafresh has close relations with many suppliers that go back for years. Our company also sells through wholesale markets, online shops, joint ventures, and new retail channels. Our aim is to provide Chinese people with healthy, delicious food from all over the world, so that we can enjoy Supafresh fruit as one big family."

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