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Polarization in the grape market

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-10-11  Views: 10
Core Tip: The Chinese grape harvest season is still in full swing.
The Chinese grape harvest season is still in full swing. "Our grapes are currently entering the market in large volumes. Looking at the overall market conditions, this year is a great year for grape sales. Of course, this does not mean all grape varieties sell at great prices, but our Crimson varieties currently sell at 12 yuan [1.73 USD] per 0.5 kg, which is not so bad. Other varieties are not as fortunate, however, the lowest priced variety sells at 6-7 yuan [0.87-1.01 USD] per 0.5 kg." This is according to Ying Guowen of Junhong Fruit and Vegetable Trading Cooperation.

Other countries have noticed the excellent grape market conditions in China and are working hard to obtain export permission for their grapes to enter the Chinese market and seize a piece of the proverbial pie. Take Spain as example, Spain is in trade negotiations with China and Vietnam to obtain permission for grape exports from Murcia to these countries. California previously exported grapes to China, but as a result of the Sino-American trade war, China has increased levies on US grapes. The volume of grape export from California to China decreased as a result. This is an advantage for the Chinese grape market as the share of imported grapes shrinks.

"Competition in the grape market is fierce, but our company has an advantage over others, which is that our harvest season finishes a little later than others. It is our estimate that most companies will finish harvest season in November and then their supply will run out. We can still sell grapes until January. We store our grapes in refrigerated warehouses immediately after they are harvested and up until the moment they are sold. This is how we guarantee top-quality grapes and extend our supply season. The grapes can remain in refrigerated storage for two or three months. After that period it becomes more difficult to guarantee product quality. In general, our grapes are sold out almost as soon as they enter the market, so we do not need to store them for more than two or three months."

"We sell our grapes throughout China, and we hope to expand our market in the future and even venture into export. We have not yet begun to make concrete plans, but we are interested in meeting overseas traders to discuss possible cooperation."


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