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Chefs would also like to use the Meyer lemon

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-10-11  Views: 3
Core Tip: The season of the Meyer lemon at Eosta has started again.
The season of the Meyer lemon at Eosta has started again. "We have been selling the Meyer lemon for a number of years now," says organic citrus fruit and grape purchaser Pieter de Keijzer. "The Meyer lemon is our most special lemon. We sell lemons all year round, but we really look forward to this lemon! We sell it simultaneously with the other lemons, as an excellent lemon."
What is it that makes this organic lemon so special? "It is a cross between lemon and mandarin. The lemon has a very smooth skin, thin peel and a high juice content. The taste really has the flavor of a mandarin."

Customers are also very enthusiastic about the lemon. "We always get a lot of emails once it is available again. We have many regular customers who want it from the start of the season and every year we get new customers. Also chefs like to use the Meyer lemon in the kitchen because of the special flavor."

"The popularity of the organic lemon in general is growing enormously. The demand has really increased extremely over the last ten years. And the Meyer lemon grows extra fast with it." Until the end of October the South African and Chilean bio lemons are still available. And the Meyer lemon will be available at Eosta until the end of November.


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