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Yoghourt contains more sugar than cola? Don't be fooled.

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Core Tip: Recently, an article “American scientist announces the truth!Yoghourt is a wolf in a healthy coat!” is widely circulated on the Internet.
Recently, an article “American scientist announces the truthYoghourt is a wolf in a healthy coat” is widely circulated on the Internet. The viewpoint in the article "whether it is sugar content or carbohydrate, 1 box of yoghourt is over 2 cans of cola!" has caused people's misunderstanding of yoghourt. What is the truth? We here make you understand confusions for all.

Question: Does yoghourt contain more sugar than cola?

Answer: one box of yoghourt and two cans of cola, the two may not be equal to each other Firstly, how many gram is a box of yoghourt? Is it 100 grams or 200 grams? Cola’s size is also not specified, so this comparison is meaningless. Secondly, from the perspective of nutritional value, the comparison between one small box of yoghourt and two cans of cola is totally unvalid. It's actually a math problem, because the sugar content of every 100 grams in the table of nutritional components of beverages ,take Sanyuan yoghourt for example, a small box of yoghourt is 100 grams, the carbohydrate content is 10.8 grams, a can of mini-cola is 200 ml, and the nutrition table says "every 100 milliliters of carbohydrate content is 10.6 grams." That is to say, a can of cola must contain more sugar than a small box of yoghourt, let alone two cans of cola.

Question: What are the classifications of yoghourt?

Answer: There are many kinds of yoghourt sold in supermarkets, most of which are "flavored yoghourt". The word "flavored" means that yoghourt is flavored with something else, such as jam, nuts or dried fruits, and sugar. The more sugar, the lower of its overall nutritional value.

Yoghourt on the market is divided into yoghourt and fermented milk.Yoghourt only has two fermentation bacteria—Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.Fermented milk is added to three or more probiotics to ferment, the nutritional value between the two is not very different. Yogurt is actually the English name of yoghourt. In addition, there is a kind of lactobacillus drinks, which can not replace milk, yoghourt, its protein content is low, generally only 1%. Protein of yoghourt contains no less than 2.3% and contains calcium and other nutrients, which are irreplaceable by lactobacillus beverage. However, lactobacillus beverage in the number of probiotics is predominant, friends who has poor digestion and like yoghourt can choose lactobacillus beverage.

What are the differences between yoghourt and milk?

Answer: In terms of classification, milk and yoghourt belong to dairy products, both are secreted by dairy cows, processed and produced. In terms of price, yoghourt is generally more expensive than pure milk, because the production process of yoghourt is relatively complex, need to go through fermentation and other processes. From milk to yoghourt, lactobacillus will break down the lactose in milk and produce lactic acid. Other nutrients in milk are preserved. Protein and calcium are hardly lost. Some live bacteria in yoghourt may bring some additional benefits. If it is lactose intolerance, consumers once drinking milk will diarrhea can choose to drink yoghourt; if you need to control calories and sugar intake, the best choice is pure milk.

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