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Price of golden Fuji apple rose this year

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-11-16
Core Tip: The golden Fuji apple, also known as the butter Fuji apple, is a special variety of the red Fuji apple.
The golden Fuji apple, also known as the butter Fuji apple, is a special variety of the red Fuji apple. The apple is covered during its development, so the skin does not develop the traditional red color, but remains a beautiful yellow. The golden Fuji apple resembles the red Fuji apple in all other aspects, such as the crisp flavor and thin skin. The golden Fuji apple has gained market popularity in the last two years or so, and a growing number of apple farmers produce this variety.

The harvest season begins every year when Frost Descends [October 23rd - November 6th]. The golden Fuji apple stays on the tree one month longer than early-season Fuji apples, which allows it to absorb more nutrients. The sugar content is more than 20°. The flavor of the golden Fuji apple is better than the red Fuji apple. The main production area is in Yantai, Shandong.

"The golden Fuji apple production season in Yantai begins in the middle of November and continues until the end of March. The production volume of red Fuji apples in Yantai decreased this year as a result of frost and hail, though not as much as the production volumes of other apple varieties." This is according to an apple farmer and trader in Yantai.

"The market price of golden Fuji apples is slightly higher than in previous years as this apple targets the medium- to high-end markets and the production volume decreased in comparison with last year. The price increased by 1 yuan [0.14 USD] per kg. We currently sell our golden Fuji apples throughout the country in wholesale markets and on e-commerce platforms."

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