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Do you think pizza is Italian only?

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-12-19  Origin: dayoo.com  Views: 9
Core Tip: Pizza, hamburgers and pasta are probably the most popular Western cuisine.
Pizza, hamburgers and pasta are probably the most popular Western cuisine. Among them, pizza is the most creative. It can accommodate all the ingredients and flavors of the world on the cubic inch of cake. Eating a pizza may has many possibilities, which greatly satisfies the curiosity of foodies.

Italian Pizza: Romantic and Passion

Italians were the ancestors of pizza. Peizza Marzano in Tianhui Square is an Italian pizza shop, where pizza is made according to the rules of Italian pizza.

Italian Pizza with Ham and Sesame is based on Italian air-dried ham, which brings a romantic and enthusiastic Italian flavor, coupled with sesame, olives, garlic and mozzarella cheese, delicate fragrance; Boletus truffle pizza is a vegetarian pizza, in which the Italian wild fungi and black truffle are intoxicating; the most eye-catching is thin gold pizza, a change from the traditional round pie shape, has made " the shape of "Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows".

American Pizza: Deep Plate and Thick Bottom

There is a pizza shop "Damela" on the first floor of the famous store city of Jiangnan West Road. The pizza in the shop is American style. The American pizza is usually deep dish with thick bottom and slow boiled tomato sauce, which has a strong taste.

There are 25 styles of pizzas in the shop. potato bacon pizza with American style selected bacon slices and crisp potato chips imported from the United States, coated with mozzarella cheese, very fragrant; sweet shrimp pineapple pizza is the collision of two shrimps and pineapple; avocado cheese chicken pizza is also popular, avocado nutritional value and taste make this pizza stand out.

French Pizza: Pastry Brings Surprise

Strictly speaking, the French did not invent pizza, but this pizza is full of the elements of French food: pastry. Mr. Pierre, a French restaurant in Ersha Wencube, pastry was born in France when the chef made pizza base.

The chef "transplanted" the pastry of the French bread to the pizza, which gave the pizza a a richer sense of hierarchy and a prominent butter taste.

There's also a seafood pizza in the store. It's rich in seafood, with onions and homemade tomato sauce. It's an old Italian practice to add meat and crab juice to tomato sauce.

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