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How to eat vegetables and fruits: boiled vegetables are more nutritious

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-02-19  Origin: paper.people.com.cn
Core Tip: How to eat vegetables and fruits: boiled vegetables are more nutritious.
How to eat vegetables and fruits: boiled vegetables are more nutritious.

Plant hormones are different from human hormones. Most of the plant hormones used in fruits and vegetables are within a reasonable range and will not cause harm to human body.

Plant hormones degrade in plants and their concentration decreases with time. The safety of vegetables is guaranteed as long as they are used reasonably.

Instead of entanglement between eating and not eating, it is better to focus on how to clean, how to cook and other eating methods to maximize the nutrition of vegetables.

Some people believe that vegetables on the market in winter are basically grown in greenhouses. Hormones and pesticides must be used, and it is better to eat less.

Yes, some greenhouse vegetables do use phytohormones. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables need to be pollinated to produce fruit. Because pollination of greenhouse vegetable must be done manually, the workload is large, and the flowering time is limited, researchers have adopted the method of using plant hormones. Phytohormone is a plant growth regulator. Its principle is to make plants mistake themselves for having pollinated.

Every plant hormone has gone through a long period of toxicological research before it enters the practical stage. It can be said that the allowable plant hormones are basically non-toxic or low toxic. Plant hormones degrade in plants and their concentration decreases over time. In a word, vegetable safety is guaranteed as long as phytohormones are used reasonably.

The use of pesticides in greenhouse vegetables is also obligatory, because the greenhouse environment is hot and humid, not only suitable for vegetable growth, but also suitable for pests and fungi reproduction. Experienced growers will not overuse pesticides, because the amount of pesticides used is not proportional to the effect of insecticides. Excessive pesticides will harm plants themselves and improve pest resistance. Pesticides are also applied to production by agricultural researchers after a long time of research. Rational use of pesticides is not so terrible.

Of course, greenhouse vegetables are a little worse than those produced in the natural environment. People all want to eat natural, pollution-free, tasty and affordable vegetables, but the natural environment is not allowed, and the current cultivation methods are difficult to meet. Compared with the lack of nutrition and monotony of non-seasonal vegetables, it is better to accept non-seasonal vegetables and find a balance between reality and ideal.

Rather than tangling with eating or not, it is better to work hard on how to wash and cook to maximize the nutrition of vegetables. Vegetables should be eaten or not in off-season greenhouses, as opposed to eating less or no vegetables. In the cold winter, off-season greenhouse vegetables can make the table more colorful.

There are many ways to cook vegetables. Boiling and steaming are recommended. Steaming vegetables is relatively difficult to master the temperature and time, boiling vegetables is more convenient and simple. Boiling vegetables means boiling them in water, pulling out the drained water and adding seasonings according to their taste. The advantages of boiled vegetables are no lampblack, less nutritional loss, easy operation and safe eating.

Points for cooking water-boiled vegetables: 1. Water is not suitable for too much, vegetables can roll and heat; 2. Add a spoon of oil in water, can increase the taste and maintain color; 3. Time can not be too long, cooked immediately cease fire to avoid loss of vitamins due to high temperature.

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