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How are Chinese onions doing in the European market?

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2018-12-20  Views: 16
Core Tip: For the past few months, the onion market in China has been fine.
For the past few months, the onion market in China has been fine. A partial reason for this is the shortage of onions on the European market causing traders to look further afield. “Normally we sell our onions to the South East Asian market, like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. However, this year is very different from last year, suddenly all the European countries are looking for our onions - places like Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and the Netherlands.” Said Jack Meng from Jining Greenfarm import and export Co.,Ltd..

The company of Jack Meng is specialized in exporting onions and garlic. Their production base is in Shandong and consists of 500 mu. The sudden rise in the demand for onions also influenced the price, as Jack Meng explains: “Because of the current rising demand, the price of yellow onions is rising. We also have our purple onion, but that one is much harder to export, because it's harder to store well, so the risk for having bad quality is too high. Therefore we mostly export our yellow onion.”

Jack Meng is offering the yellow onion in different sizes as every country has its own preferences. He mentions: “We have different sizes for different countries. Korea and Japan for example prefer the 9-11cm and 9-12cm sizes. While in Europe now, we sell the 6-8cm and 7-9 cm more. The output this year was normal, and comparable with the output from last year. We are welcoming new clients if they're interested in our onions or garlic.”

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