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Record increase in chestnuts export

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-01-10  Origin: Hurriyet  Views: 7
Core Tip: Turkey, known as the second largest producer of chestnuts in the world has increased its export by 80% in 2018.
Turkey, known as the second largest producer of chestnuts in the world has increased its export by 80% in 2018. Abundant yields played a major role in the higher volume of export compared to previous seasons.

Based on the Aegean Exporters' Association's data, chestnuts exports from Turkey has increased by 80% in 2018 compared to 2017 and the volume of export reached to 10 thousand 743 tons. The revenue from the export of chestnuts increased by 55% and reached 37 million USD.

Turkey exports chestnuts to 35 countries, including Italy with 8 thousand 630 tons of export last year, and Lebanon with 1 thousand tons.

Overall the country produces 60 thousand tons of chestnuts and around one third of this production takes place in Aydin. Bilal Tarhan, president of the Sultanhisar (a district in Aydin) Trade Chamber said that they are the largest producer of chestnuts in Turkey.

Stating that they had a productive season, Tarhan said that the total volume of production was 22 thousand tons in 2017 and this has reached to 25 thousand tons in 2018.

Tarhan explained that chestnuts are first stored and then sent to factories to be processed.

"We had a good harvest. Both in the domestic and the global market we have an important position. We export raw, unrefined chestnuts. The country that we export the most to is Italy with 8 thousand tons. Italy is an advanced country in terms of food industry, so they use chestnuts in many forms from flour to baby food. In Turkey, chestnuts are usually consumed fresh or used in the food industry. Since chestnuts have a long shelf life they are preferred in the global market."

Tarhan expressed his discontent about the Turkish currency crisis and said that they used to sell chestnuts abroad for 3,9 USD per kilo, now that this has regressed to 1,9 USD.

Producer and exporter Akif Ozturk said that this season was very productive compared to the previous years and added: "This year we collected high-quality chestnuts. We grow the best chestnuts in the world. We sell depending on the demands that we receive. We have no problems regarding our production and marketing activities."

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