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Some foods cannot be eaten on an empty stomach

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2019-03-11  Origin: kepuchina.cn  Views: 7
Core Tip: I believe that in our daily life, we often hear that some foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach.
I believe that in our daily life, we often hear that some foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach. Milk, bananas and tea are the three most familiar foods. So these three foods really can't be eaten on an empty stomach? Why can't we eat these foods on an empty stomach?

Milk is often considered as a kind of stomach-nourishing drink, but some people will have abdominal distension after drinking milk on an empty stomach. Why does this happen? The so-called inability to drink milk on an empty stomach is mainly concerned about lactose intolerance for some people, who will experience abdominal distension, even abdominal pain and diarrhea after drinking milk. If you eat some other food before drinking milk, the discomfort will be alleviated. But if there was no lactose intolerance, it would be all right to drink milk on an empty stomach. All kinds of animal milk contain protein, fat and carbohydrates at the same time, and people who can digest lactose can make good use of them. So if you want to drink milk on an empty stomach, you should depend on your lactose digestibility.

Banana is not only a delicious fruit, but also serves as food. However, there are folk rumors that bananas have more magnesium and potassium elements. Eating bananas on an empty stomach will affect the heart function, which is not conducive to health. But is it really true? Banana is a kind of food with high content of potassium and magnesium, but the content of potassium in banana is much lower than the maximum intake of potassium and magnesium tolerated by human body, and the human body has the function of automatic regulation. The human body will metabolize the surplus part through the kidney and skin to maintain the body fluid balance.

In daily life, many people have the habit of drinking tea. Do you know that drinking tea on an empty stomach hurts your stomach? Tea, especially green tea, has a high content of tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc. If it is drunk on an empty stomach, some active substances will bind to the protein in the stomach, which will stimulate the stomach, easily hurt the stomach, and make people panic, dizziness and other "drunk tea" phenomenon. In addition, drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute gastric acid, inhibit gastric juice secretion, hinder the digestion of food. Therefore, for people with poor gastrointestinal function, we can not drink tea on an empty stomach.
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