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DSM and Phynova reach agreement for global distribution of ingredient for healthy blood glucose leve

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Core Tip: DSM and Phynova have signed a global distribution and collaboration agreement for Reducose, a natural ingredient for healthy blood glucose levels.
DSM and Phynova have signed a global distribution and collaboration agreement for Reducose, a natural ingredient for healthy blood glucose levels. The companies will work to further develop the value proposition including the science and associated health benefits of reducose, as well as the technical application in various delivery formats, Ivo Lansbergen, VP Global Strategic Marketing, DSM Human Nutrition and Health, tells. The cooperation with Phynova seeks to strengthen DSM’s portfolio with regard to its solutions in the heart health space.

Reducose is a water extract of white mulberry leaves (Morus alba), a plant that has been used as a food and animal feed across the globe. Reducose can be added in small quantities to foods and drinks or taken as a small supplement. It is touted as capable of reducing the impact of high-glycemic sugars, as well as other carbohydrates, on the body. It does this by reducing the absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates by up to 40 percent. Reducose is patent protected and has undergone “rigorous safety and efficacy testing.”

According to Lansbergen, Reducose has self-affirmed GRAS status in the USA, while in Europe, the plant from which it is made is authorized for use in food supplements as it appears on the Belgian list of plants that are considered not to be novel for the use in food supplements.

“Reducose is already commercially available in the US. GNC recently launched a healthy blood glucose supplement with Reducose as the lead ingredient,” he says. “Several other B2B customers are working with DSM on projects to launch product containing Reducose. These projects go across Food, Beverage and Dietary Supplement applications.”

“Phynova is a strategic partner for DSM to provide the right nutritional solutions to address the ever-growing health concerns linked to maintaining healthy blood glucose. The combined strengths of DSM and Phynova provide an excellent platform for addressing this major societal challenge,” Lansbergen adds.

Diabetes is a rapidly growing health issue with an estimated 425 million adults affected globally. The incidence of prediabetes is even higher with an estimated 390 million prediabetic adults in China alone.

Two trends are converging with these increasing numbers and the related healthcare costs: governments are actively working to increase consumer awareness about healthy nutrition and reduction of high-glycemic foods, and secondly, there is a new generation of non-invasive wearable devices coming to the market that will be able to continuously monitor and make people aware of their blood glucose status.

Reducose has been evaluated in four clinical studies to evaluate its effects on lowering the glycaemic index (GI) of foods and its effects on lowering blood glucose and blood insulin after eating carbohydrates.

“All studies looked at the effects of Reducose when taken as a dietary supplement at the start of a meal and also when it was directly incorporated into foods or drinks,” says Lansbergen. “The studies all showed that Reducose made foods healthier by lowering the GI of the test foods, and that it significantly lowered the peak and total blood glucose and blood insulin (P<0.05) compared with placebo. Two of these studies have been published and all of the studies were conducted in healthy individuals.”

“Along with the distribution and sales of Reducose we will collaborate closely with DSM on product development, clinical research, regulatory approvals and marketing,” says Phynova CEO Robert Miller.

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