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New Nestlé brand spotlights high fiber, protein and plant-powered frozen meals

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2020-05-25  Origin: foodingredientsfirst  Views: 104
Core Tip: Nestlé USA has launched its new Life Cuisine brand created to fit evolving definitions of wellness.
Nestlé USA has launched its new Life Cuisine brand created to fit evolving definitions of wellness. It also aims to meet demand for frozen nutritious meals – something that has been pushed up during the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers spend more time eating from home. The food giant says that eating well is no longer ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Consumers are looking for recipes, formats and flavors that truly meet their tastes and day-to-day schedule. Nestlé’s New Life Cuisine and Lean Cuisine Bowls were inspired by a combination of research insights, fast-casual restaurant trends and its network of culinary experts.

“Most recently, we’ve seen increased demand across our frozen sectors as adults are spending more time eating and cooking at home. While many people are enjoying the comfort of nostalgic recipes, others are finding a different frozen experience than they once knew – bold, taste-forward recipes, with a variety of modern offerings,” a spokesperson explains.

“In many ways, the past few months have been a massive ‘national food sampling’ event. Comfort food was certainly one that might have brought people to the aisle, but as more people discover the convenience, value, great taste and variety of offerings, we hope to keep consumers in the frozen aisle long-term with new products like Life Cuisine.”

A new food dynamic
A novel dynamic has inspired people to learn more about different foods, seek more specific product attributes and balance their busy lifestyles. Life Cuisine offers 15 recipes – including layered bowls, cauliflower-crust pizzas and sous vide egg bites. Consumers can choose from a variety of options offering a full cup of vegetables, two or more essential nutrients, high-protein, high-fiber and more.

“Over the years, the definition of wellness has evolved from calorie-conscious eating to a more holistic approach that extends well beyond just what's on your plate,” continues the spokesperson. “Once-niche dietary trends like gluten-free and meatless meals have also become more mainstream.”

“In many ways, Nestlé has approached product development for years with this in mind, but Life Cuisine now allows these trends to be at the forefront of its innovation.”

After identifying relevant trends across the category, Nestlé looked to consumers to help build out Life Cuisine recipes. The four consumer preferences it launched are some of the most popular ways people are trying to eat well. “Through different types of research and social listening we felt like these 15 recipes gave users nutritious and great-tasting ways to fuel people’s day,” the spokesperson continues. “We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and develop offerings that meet consumers’ changing needs and tastes. That includes potential line extensions.”

“Beyond Life Cuisine, Nestlé is data-driven and uses consumer trends and feedback to innovate. Our heritage brands – Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, Hot Pockets and DiGiorno – are constantly meeting the changing tastes and needs of people, whether that is innovating favorite recipes or offering meals in different formats and flavors,” they add.

Nestlé is also introducing new and improved meals from Lean Cuisine. More than half of the brand’s portfolio will be relaunched including new Lean Cuisine Bowls.

As it rolls out new Lean Cuisine recipes, the company is also debuting improvements to its current portfolio. More than 50 offerings will feature renovated, calorie-conscious recipes with more of what consumers want – and will be released in updated, modern packaging that highlights enhancements.

“Displayed prominently on the front of packaging, each consumer preference (Low Carb Lifestyle, Gluten-Free, Meatless/Plant-Powered and High Protein) is labeled in a large font and a corresponding color for easy identification. For example, all packaging for meatless recipes are accented with green labeling and bowl design, while High Protein dishes are in red accents,” they add. “Additionally, three key nutrient differentiators are highlighted on the front of packaging in clear, large fonts and iconography (such as e.g. grams of protein or carbs) to ensure consumers can quickly and accurately choose a product that fits their preferences.”

This latest move is part of Nestlé’s strategy to accelerate the health and nutrition of its products this year which includes a sharpened focus on plant-based food, nutrition and ethically-sourced ingredients. The company notes how it will continue to improve the nutritional profile of food and beverages by reducing sugar, salt and saturated fat or by increasing vegetables, fiber-rich grains,pulses, nuts and seeds, proteins and essentials vitamins.
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