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Spain: "Fashion is currently the king of watermelons"

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2015-05-20  Views: 57
Core Tip: A few weeks ago, the Almeria company Vegacaada kicked off the 2015 melon and watermelon campaign, in
A few weeks ago, the Almeria company Vegacañada kicked off the 2015 melon and watermelon campaign, in which it expects to grow by about 20% in volume compared to the previous year, when it marketed approximately 3,500 tonnes of watermelons and 1,500 of melons.

"Last year, the overall results were positive, with good volumes for both seasonal fruits," states Andrés Soler, commercial and marketing director of Vegacañada. "This year we expect a larger production, but especially higher quality," he adds.

Most of this increased volume corresponds to watermelons, since, according to Andrés Soler, "watermelons are normally more demanded and have a broader international market than melons," he affirms. "We try to respond to what the market demands every season, always trying to anticipate and plan according to the information we receive from our customers."
Among all watermelons, the black seedless Fashion is becoming more popular at the expense of watermelons with seeds, which are on the verge of extinction. Vegacañada is also part of Grupo AGF, which participates in the Fashion project.

"The cultivation of watermelons with seeds is being gradually abandoned and it is clear that the seedless is trendy and increasingly more demanded. The reality is that Fashion is the king of seedless watermelons at this time. It has a great taste, consistency and quality. It is already fully consolidated in the market and also greatly demanded," he points out. 

Consolidation of Dulce de Vega brand for melons and watermelons
In the words of Andrés Soler: "Last season we were able to consolidate the leading position of the Dulce de Vega brand in terms of both quality and taste, on which we focus. We have been working really hard for many years to establish a strong and trustworthy brand, and last year we managed to meet the market's expectations. Our customers know what to expect from Dulce de Vega melons and watermelons."

Piel de sapo melons are more important in the Spanish market, although Vegacañada also makes some shipments to France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. In the case of watermelons, Andrés Soler stressed that "it is a very European product, with demand in almost all countries, in addition to the domestic market."

"Our goals for this campaign are to maintain our levels of quality and excellence, for our growers to receive a proper financial reward for it, and to ensure that the quality that we have been offering for many years continues to satisfy our customers."

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