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srael: More cultivators interested in Medjoul dates

Zoom in font  Zoom out font Published: 2017-03-02  Views: 27
Core Tip: “The market for dates is growing,” says Alina Iefimova from Galilee Export.
“The market for dates is growing,” says Alina Iefimova from Galilee Export.

“Volumes and demand are good and prices are good on the main markets. Medjoul supply is growing, because more cultivators are interested in these dates. Medjoul is more in demand than Deglet Nour and other varieties. This can be explained by Medjoul’s unique characteristics: its size and meaty flesh. Medjoul can reach 40 grammes per individual date. Its flesh is soft and juicy while containing a high level of dietary fibre.”

“The Super Juicy Medjoul, also called BobBon, has its share on the market. Demand for this delicious date is growing slightly. The Super Juicy Medjoul does its name justice, as it is indeed juicy. It also has a higher level of humidity compared to classic Medjoul. Its long shelf life is guaranteed when kept frozen,”

“Israel is the main supplying country of Medjoul dates thanks to its appropriate climate and modern technologies. Morocco and Tunisia are traditionally strong in cultivating dates. Galilee Export packing houses are using up-to-date automatic sorting machines. The accuracy of sorting ensures that the product quality corresponds to customer expectation,” Alina finished.

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