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Israel: Year-round availability for edible flowers

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Core Tip: The market for edible flowers is growing.
The market for edible flowers is growing. A few years ago, edible flowers were mostly interesting to gastronomy, but by now, they can even be found in supermarkets. Consumers are buying them to decorate the dishes they make at home or for cocktails. “We supply our edible flowers to supermarkets in France and Germany”, says Assaf Adar from Israeli producer Sole.

“Markets are always looking for stable supply, and we can now guarantee year-round supply of most varieties, because we managed to extend the season for each variety. We have one grower we work with, Mizrachi's Farm, and he is growing many different colours of edible flowers. He is now at a point that he can grow most edible flowers all year round. And each year he is extending the season of the other edible flowers.”

Producers in general are also becoming more interested in the edible flowers. “There are more producers now, not just from Israel, but also from Europe and Morocco.”

“Two year ago we added orchid flowers to our range. These have become quite popular, especially with cocktail bars, which use the flowers as decorations in their drinks,” Assaf continues. “Edible flowers have become more popular with consumers, because they are more widely available now. People can now use them as decoration when cooking at home.”

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