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More demand for large sliced vegetables

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Core Tip: Vlaemynck is a total supplier of fresh produce. Besides a complete range of unprocessed fruit and vegetables, the company also supplies sliced vegetables.
Vlaemynck is a total supplier of fresh produce. Besides a complete range of unprocessed fruit and vegetables, the company also supplies sliced vegetables. The wholesaler sees an increase in demand for fresh sliced vegetables, preferably in a larger size.

At the company’s own cutting plant, fresh daily vegetables are cut to size for retail, industry, large kitchens and catering. “In the 1980s, my father started with soup and mussel vegetables. About 15 years ago, the wok vegetables were introduced, which we became a major player with. We still offer wok vegetables in every desired recipe and packaging. The supply of sliced vegetables, however, was considerably expanded,” says An Vlaemynck, business manager of the wholesaler in Veurne. “In principle, we can supply all vegetables in various types of cuttings. For example, slices, dice, cylinder and julienne. We also produce coleslaw, lettuce mixes, soup vegetables, mussel vegetables and ratatouille.”

Practically all sliced vegetables are produced for the customer to size. The company also regularly enters into talks with their customers about developing new products and mixes. An says demand for sliced vegetables is still increasing, especially from foodservice, which is often several hands short for slicing. Moreover, people choose freshly cut vegetables over frozen increasingly often. “Locally grown product is preferred for that. Customers and consumers like to know where the product is from. Our vegetables preferably come from Belgium, and are bought through Belgian auctions. We are located in the vegetable region in West-Flanders, it’s difficult to become more local. Besides, seasons are responded to more often again; winter vegetables in winter and summer vegetables in summer, complemented with typical seasonal products, such as pumpkin and asparagus.”

Seeing what you’re eating
She has also noticed that sizes can be larger nowadays. While vegetables had to be cut as small as possible a few years ago, large-sliced vegetables are in demand right now. “Consumers want to see what they’re eating, and they want to be able to recognise the vegetable,” she explains. For cutting those larger pieces, the producer invested in FAM machines. “With this dicing machine, it becomes possible to accurately cut both smaller and larger dice. For example, carrot dice of two centimetres are very suitable for using in a stew or ratatouille.” The producer has practically only FAM machines at the cutting plant. An praises the machine manufacturer’s good service. “To us, it’s very important that certain applications can be made to size, such as the funnel on the machine for supply of the product. FAM is a pleasant and reliable partner regarding that.”

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