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Snijpunt makes paprika from 100% bell pepper

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Core Tip: One of the main products of the processing company Snijpunt are bell pepper cubes for shaslicks.
One of the main products of the processing company Snijpunt are bell pepper cubes for shaslicks. These cubes should be two or three cm2. Product that’s too small, or not the right shape, can’t be used and is therefore residual product. The company thinks that’s a shame, and they decided to do something about it. Now, for the first time ever, shops can sell real paprika.

“We didn’t know what kind of product it would be. We only knew we wanted to do something with the bell pepper snippets left over after the peppers have been processed into cubes. We’re talking about 50 to 100 tonnes each year – that’s a considerable opportunity,” says Guido Vollebregt. He’s a student at the Hogeschool In Holland, and he’s studying Horticulture & Agribusiness, and he researched a solution for the unused product for processing company Snijpunt. “We looked into soups and juices, but in the end, we chose paprika. It fits Snijpunt: the company works with machines a lot, and we are familiar with the rules associated with it.”

Pictured is Guido Vollebregt. His work placement lasts until late June, and he’s not too worried about his evaluation. “Snijpunt was founded 18 years ago, and was the result of a final project as well.”

According to Guido, it’s just as important that the paprika is completely different from the powder already for sale in shops. “Our product consists of 100 per cent well-known Dutch bell pepper, and is truly distinctive because of that. You can see it, smell it and taste it – it’s just bell pepper, without additives. The two different products can hardly be compared to each other.”

The costs involved in developing a new product are considerable. “It makes a difference that I’m a graduate student, but it still involves some costs. Especially if you want to market it,” Guido confirms. “But the company thinks it’s important to become more sustainable.” And that also appears to be catching on with the customers. The powder is available from various shops by now: the seven BoereGoed Farmshops and the two branches of Poelier Straathof. “We’re still in a trial phase, but responses are positive. The flavour, the sustainability and innovation are popular – these are naturally important topics nowadays. But in the end, it’s about more customers using it. That’s now being researched. In the end, we might be able to scale up, and buy specific machines for it.”

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